Mad with Oce #1

I chat with myself, I enjoy expressing out loud to me. How I see what I feel and how I project my own vision.

I share with you some moments with myself. I’m sitting outside bathing in the full moon night, talking to myself. I weave languages of wisdom into my own story of now. I listen to my own voice.

I chat about the moon, the heart chakra, numbers, geometry, perspectives, vibration, forgiveness, words and no words, balance, emotions, diamond, DNA, the ocean and more.

I also took breaks to be in silence.

Mad with Oce – Full Moon May 2020

5.11 2020 Part 1
5.11 2020 Part 2
5.11 2020 Part 3
5.11 2020 Part 4
5.11 2020 Part 5

You can also download to listen offline. That’s practical.

Je partage ma folie en français aussi: ici.

Hope you enjoy.

Love you,


Inspired in New Zealand, Full Moon may 2020

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