Love letter to you

You have received a letter! It smells nice and it is sparkly. Cool! A letter!

Would you like to read it?

Somewhere here and now,

To you,

I have infinite love to express to you.

I want you all.

I will always love you.

You are my home space and I am your home space.

So when you feel disconnected,

Call me…

Call me baby!

I love you for who you are.

Trust your feelings, listen to your guts and believe.

I feel the same as you.

Connect with me, I will share my experience with you.

So you can relax.

So you know you are not alone.

We are interconnected.

All parts unique.

All parts of the whole.

We receive similar energies because the whole vibrates harmoniously as one.

Remember from your center you see clearly.

When the darkness blinds our eyes, it opens our heart.

Navigate from your heart,

Let it come out.

Deep inside you, you know what you’re feeling is real.

When you realise you’ve got everything you need on your own, you are the abundance.

Move within your dark and shine your light.

All at once.

No more separation.

No more confrontation.

Accept yourself. Accept the other.

If you like or don’t like, let it be.

No matter what, take your space to express your story in your own way.

The truth from your center.

Not creating turbulences in this emotional tsunami ripple effect.

Not exploding like a volcano projecting on another.

In trust of your own.

When fire wants out, let it act

When water wants out, let it flow

When air wants out, let it fly

When earth wants out, let it root

Flow, aerate, ventilate, flush, release.

Let it out your special me way.

Express you.

Get your party started!

Be the star of your creation.

I love you,

Your Magic Unicorn

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