Being a Lightworker

What is a lightworker? Who is a lightworker? How does it light work? Let’s observe the words, the concepts and discuss about it.

The word lightworker is made of the words light and work. Let’s start by observing these words :

What is a worker?

It is an interesting concept because in our cultures, working is often associated with money and materiality. I believe this limits the concept of “work”. Years ago I did an experiment, I associated the word work with play and instead of working I decided to be playing. It changed my perspective of life, I realized how the concept of working was attached with contraints and materiality, how it was blocking me. Working is conditioned in limited beliefs and observing this concept in an open way allowed me to free myself. I de-attached work from my old belief and it opened my own work in ways I couldn’t imagine before.

What do I work for?

How do I work for that?

How does it feel?

A worker is someone that acts for its work. A worker is someone whose actions are directed towards the accomplishment of an aim. Its way of working being of its choice. Working is a way of doing. We are working for something, towards something. Aren’t we?

What are you working for?

What is light?

Light can refer to the light of electricity, the light of a fire, the weight of something or the shade of a color. Light can be seen in many ways and has multiple manifestations. Light is also a human feeling, for example we may express after a release : ” I feel lighter”.

So the concept of light is all of that at once, the light of the fire is showing its consumption, the light of electricity is showing its connection, a light color is showing us its possibility of shades, something light is showing us its possibilities of different states.

When I feel lighter, I am in a different state than before, I consumed something within me, I let go of some heaviness, I re-connected and transformed into a new state of being. The light is what we see of a transformation. When the fire is not lit, it is still a fire. When the light bulb is not lit, it is still a lightbulb. When the color is not shaded, it is still a color, When the object is not weighed, it is still an object. Light is what we are, it is who we are.

Light has to be seen/felt to be light.

Isn’t it related to the process of enlightenment? To enlighten something, someone that has the power of transformation.

To spark the light within.

Be careful to not associate the light and the dark in a limited comparison. Light and dark are the same. They are two perspectives of the same, they belong with each other. Darkness is not a dimension deprived of light, it is a dimension holding the light.

To see the light, we need the dark.

A word about darkness :

I disagree with all association of the dark with non-confortable feelings and pejorative ideas. The dark is our inside, it is our womb. The dark is our inner home. To associate the dark with a non agreeable point of view is creating separation within you. It is a mindset of non acceptance of who you are.

To see the light, see the dark.

So, what is a lightworker?

It is a lighter!

It is someone working to connect, to spark, to enlighten, to reveal our shades and states. A lightworker transforms. It transforms its way of life to open to new possibilities, it consumes what it has to create new.

A lightworker doesn’t work only for materiality. It works for global transformation. A lightworker works with itself first and that’s how its light shines out to others. A lightworker works to nurture its own light because it knows that from its strength it will spread the light and spark many other on its path.

I believe we are all lightworkers, we are all beings in permanent transformation. To become a lightwkorker we have to accept our own light, our own dark and all the other shades. We are all beings in evolution and when we accept who we are and share this love for ourselves with others we become workers of light.

A lightworker follows its own path of transformation, it works to nurture its light, to connect, to evolve.

The light is light if it is seen.

I am.

Your powers are within you.

Discover here my story of being a spiritual warrior.

I love you too,


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