Let it flow

If you’re attracted to this message, it is the sign to read it. This message is for you now.

You are evolving…as always 🌱

The last few weeks and months have been intense. Some of us are settling in a new life, some of us are transiting into this new life. No one knows were it’s taking us but we feel it happening. It’s all ok. You are being lead in this extraordinary transition. The energies are taking you into the new that is meant for you.

Observe how you changed and how you are now experiencing the new.

I know you see it happening.

You can see the change happening in the life’s of people around you, them being conscious of it or not doesn’t mean it’s not here for all of us. We are all at different levels in our life experience and we are all going forward. All together.

You’ve experienced intense release and let go recently. As well as stepping into the new. So take the time for yourself to recharge.

I allow myself a break.

It’s ok to not want to go out. It’s ok to feel like cocooning at home. It’s ok to want to be alone sometimes. Listen to how you feel like doing and do it for yourself.

We never know what’s happening next and when our body is feeling tired, its asking us to rest. We don’t need to know why, we just have to do what we are being asked to.

I trust my feelings.

Maybe you’re also experiencing surprising events these days. Nice surprises. Stuff you’re attracted to, meetings or activities. Enjoy these cool vibrations and follow your attraction.

Feeling like staying home or going to meet this friend or doing this activity, whatever it’s making you vibrate trust and peace, go for it.

I follow the path of my attractions.

The attraction is what feels good for my body and mind. The vibration is a body reaction not my mind pressuring me to do when I feel like not doing. You know what I mean 😉

Do you know how is the moon right now? Following the moon cycle is giving us some insight on the energies of the moment. It’s also showing us that life is always cycling so the change is permanent. It helps us appreciate how we feel because we know it’s always evolving. Check out the moon today.

These days you are being asked to rest and take time for yourself.

See the water flowing nicely towards its destination. You are being lead in accordance with your destiny. So let go of whatever it’s blocking you to simply be. Let yourself float with life. Everyday bringing its new surprises for you to enjoy.


You’ve been doing great and now it’s time to slow down and enjoy the process of the transition.

Reflect on what you’ve done for yourself and celebrate by spending quality time with yourself.

I enjoy myself now.

I am telling you, you are doing great. So keep trusting yourself and the magic of life.

Trust your inner guidance (your intuition).

Enjoy the experience of living.

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I love you 💖,

Océanie 😘

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