Leo season: Fire of passion!

Now our sun is in the house of leo (July 22nd – Aug 22nd). It’s his home and the sun is mega happy. We all have this Leo energy within us.

The sun is the center of our solar system, it is the one shining its light on everything on its way.

The sun warms up, its light is given to all, its way of loving is generous.

What is Leo about?

Observe the lions. Inspire.

Observe the sun. Inspire.

Nature has the answers.

As a Leo sun sign, my point of view is self-centered. Ahah! Here we are, the Leo energy is self-centered. The sun is the center of our solar system so yes I am the center of my world. We are all our own center. We are all our own system with unique connections.

Have you seen lions wandering? They are standing proud, aware of their strength. And why wouldn’t we be proud of ourselves? We are miracles of life! We are unique!

I stand proud of myself.

Leo is showing us to be our own sun.

The Leo energy is playful. It’s about enjoying who you are. Be your own playmate.

Have fun just by being you.

Everything you do, do it with passion. The simple passion of doing it, of living life. The passion of exploring yourself, of experiencing your own magic.

I am passionate about my life experience.

Leo is generous with itself and everyone else. The sun shines outward and we are the same, expressing who we are throughverything we do. So if I enjoy myself, everything I do reflects my passion.

The generosity of Leo is in its way of being.

I am who I am and I love myself for that.

Leo is symbolized by fire. Observe fire. We discuss about fire here: Jupiter in Sagittarius, Feeling my inside burning.

Allow yourself to enjoy your own creation, the fact that you are here and alive.

Play with life and everyone you meet.

Invite the Leo energy inside of you and allow your inner fire to express itself in everything you’re doing.

More inspiration :

Enjoy Leo season!!!

I love you,


Pic: Show yourself in all your beauty and crazyness 😉 Lys in my mum’s garden, France, July 2019.

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