Leo season: Fire of passion!

Sun is in the house of leo (July 22nd – Aug 22nd). It’s his home and the sun is mega happy. We all have this Leo energy within us.

The sun is the center of our solar system, It is fairly shining on everything around.

Breathe within your heart.

Feel your love.

Express you.

I am me !

As a Leo sun sign, my point of view is self-centered. Ahah! Here we are, the Leo energy is self-centered. The sun is the center of our solar system and yes I am the center of my world.

We are all our own center. We are all our own system with unique connections.

Leo is showing us to be our own sun.

I stand proud of being me.

I express my inner child.

The Leo energy is an expression of our inner child, innocent and playful. Leo season is coming after Cancer season which resonates with birth and home. Leo symbolises the child coming out of home to explore it’s world with joy and confidence.

Leo season reminds us to enjoy who we are and play life.

Have fun being you.

Everything you do, do it with passion. The simple passion of doing it and living your life. The passion of exploring yourself and experiencing your own magic.

I am passionate about my life experience.


The Leo vibe is generous. It is reminding us to be generous with ourselves and everyone else.

If I enjoy myself, everything I do reflects my passion. And it vibrates towards others.

The way I love you comes from how I love and appreciate me.

We generate our energy from our center. The way we act and express ourselves is radiating from our center. The Leo vibe is guiding us to re-enter on our self-love.

I am who I am and I love me for being me.

You are who you are and I love you for being you.

The Leo Medicine: restoring your self-confidence

It can be challenging to enjoy when we feel depleted. Maybe you have thoughts of failure, of being wrong, too much or not enough. Our societal programming has been shushing our inner star to shine its truth.

Our creativity has been tamed by life and is calling out to be expressed. Take it step by step of it feels difficult for you to believe that you are amazing. Remember what you were playing at as a child and reconnect with your innocence. Take it step by step and celebrate each one of them.

You are here and alive. You have what you need to do what you want.

You create your life’s journey at every step. Seeming big or small is not the point, the focus is on you expressing your passion in all you do.

You are worth being you and doing you.

Play with what you have to create what you desire here and now.

Yes it’s possible, be creative !

The Leo vibe is within you.

Spark the Leo energy inside of you and allow your inner fire to express itself in everything you’re doing.

More inspiration :

Enjoy you !!!

Peace & Trust,


Pic: Show yourself in all your beauty and crazyness – Lys in my mum’s garden, France, July 2019.

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