It’s time to go for the new

Aloha lovers of life,

I’ve leaped and now I’m discovering the new. I have no idea of what’s happening (obviously it’s new 😉) and I am letting myself be surprised. I am going for love, freedom and joy. I’m following the new me blossoming day after day. The new me is me without the burden of what I decided to leave in the past because I let it go. At every moment, I trust the guidance of my soul and this motion is liberating!

The new is here sprouting inside and outside. Maybe you’re feeling it and noticing your change, maybe you’re still hesitating to make the move…

You know what you want so now go for it.


Making a move is you initiating the change in your everyday life.

You set your mind and your action in a new motion.

You think new, you do new.

You know it’s a process and it’s happening everyday.

Life is a permanent impermanence therefore it’s about enjoying the flow.

When I do new everyday, I create the new life I want for myself.

You don’t know, you’re confused, you’re hesitating…Observe how you feel. Say out loud all the options and feel your body. What makes you vibrate?

When I made the decision to leap in my physical reality, I was shaking with excitation. All other options felt great but this special one made my body buzz.

I go for what makes me feel alive.

Trust the call of your heart.

It’s time to stop the thoughts of resistance, the worries of apprehension, the questions and excuses.

Allow yourself to be you and express how you feel.

I trust myself.

And support your move. Support yourself in your new creation.

Set your mind: Visualise yourself living the new.

Set your action: Practice everyday. (how to set a discipline?)

You can do it!

You are doing it!

You are a creator of life 🎆

More inspiration:

I love you,


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