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Here&Now, I am sharing with you a moment where I let my mind loop in insanity ahah. This was during the full moon in August 2018. Full moons sometimes shoot us with clarity. It happened again and I want to share with you my own way of thinking and playing with the languages of wisdom.

I was just sitting comfy on my couch in a dark room, watching a documentary about the origin of civilization on a big screen.

I’m lucky to be here and have this comfort. This physical safety allows me to let my mind flow freely.

This is my point of view now and representing a possibility of the infinite.

I am a god. No, I am not God. I am simply a god. I am independent in my belief and I believe in gods. I am not only a god, I am also the messenger, the king, the one that is in communication with the gods. And I am also the believer, the follower, the one who follows its faith.

I am my own trinity.

You know this symbol of the triangle with the eye inside. We can see Horus’eye, belief of the Egyptian civilisation, we can see this symbol in churches, here we are with the Christian civilisation. This symbol is also known as an illuminati symbol. This simple geometric symbol, a triangle with an oval inside gives birth to an infinity of interpretations. An interpretation is a belief. Your faith is following what you believe in.

Here I’m drawing you another interpretation of this symbol. As I said, I see a triangle and an oval. The symbol of the oval inside of the triangle is one possibility. It’s one point of view of the interaction between the triangle and the oval. Let’s now take another polarity of it. Let’s observe from a different perspective and see a different vision: a triangle inside an oval.

I want to play and interpret this new symbol created from the one commonly known.

I keep the eye idea, I like it 🙂 So, I say it’s a triangle in an eye. The triangle represents 3. From 2 we reach three. Two corners of the eye, three corners of the triangle. From a simple polarity known as a duality, we grow into knowing a new dimension of possibility This is extraordinary. We have the capacity to expand with what we have. We have two and we create three.

We can create new dimensions of thoughts. We can create new beliefs.

A two becoming three or a two observing three; then the other duality of the polarities is a 3 observing a 2. From a tridimensionality we can observe the duality. Without light, we can’t see the dark. and vice versa, both polarities of the duality present their own belief of the same. Do you see now, that we came to one. One creates two creates three. So one and three are related by 2. The middle. so one and three are two polarities and interact as a duality. Two is the center. therefore two becomes the one and two and three are around…see my drawing with comments below:


Let’s take a break, my mind is boiling ahah…Do you need to take a break too?

Three is born from two wanted to create a new one. Our creation is born of our desire of separation; A separation from the other. A will of independence. Nevertheless we are all connected so separation is a belief. A creation of the one that desires a change.

If one is seen as One, the creator, the source, God, the whole; every belief has a word to define it. Today we can observe that from ancient civilizations to new civilizations, humans still create separation from one.

I am not judging separation. If I judge separation, I create a duality: positive/negative, light/dark, white/black…This duality can behave in harmony or in disharmony.

But by observing separation, I am in duality because I accept non-separation….

Observing there can be different possibilities of duality, brings us to the dimension of polarities and here we are we observe a third one.

This is awesome! I could play with one, two , three infinitely. Observing the third is opening to infinity. Infinity born of one. one that separates to expand and this desire of expansion created a third one. Oh my, I don’t know where to stop…are you following my thoughts?

So how can I stop spinning with my trilogy? I create a fourth, that allows again a stability in the interactions.

I mix all in one here. I believe in this: one. We are one and to embrace who we are, we need to observe the second one we created and step into the three. From this, we simply repeat the experience with new ones. We grow.

So if I take the one point of view………………………………well, to have a point of view, I need a two…………and here we are again in the loop.

One can’t exist on its own. The light can’t exist without the dark, etc.

So what about this One that seems so special for many? We created the capital letter and one became One. Paf! Even this sentence show us a three! Why?

Why wanting to separate, to individuate this one and make it special? All cells are working together in our body to create the one we are. All ones are united in another one.

Here I want to take you into a new dimension: a point of view of the interaction. Why not seeing one as being the interaction. One doesn’t exist without two so one is the connection between the two. One is communication, interaction, connection, relationship, union….

One is union.

I believe I am the one. I am the one making me happy, I am the one I trust. I am the one that desires. I am the one that conquers. But I can’t be the one without the other so I am not one, I am part of one. The union is the one.

I believe in the sacred union. The union that creates the one. I believe one is infinite and I have no more questions about it.

And my brother came back…I shared with him what i was thinking about….

What is infinite?

AhAh whatever you feel like now;)

More inspiration:

Love you,


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