Inner Work – March 2022

Journaling, affirmations, rituals, visualisations & more to guide your expansion.

Themes : Intuition, Trust, Psychic, Sensations, Vastness, Multidimensionality


What space do I give to my intuition?

Does my intuition have the space to be heard and express ?

What is the psychic ? What function does it have ?

What is the intuition ? What function does it have ?

How can I practice regularly to develop my psychic ? my intuition ?

How can I embody my trust ?

List practices that support your Multidimensional self expansion.

Now act.


I am the truth that I am.

I am flowing in a multidimensional reality.

I am more than what I think.

I trust my sensations.

My feelings guide me.


If you have access to water, go bathe.

How does your whole feels ?

How does moving feel like for your physicality ?

Play being a fish or another water being.

PS : This can be done immerging your hand in a big bowl water too.


Set your space, a clear space where you can move.

Essentials : water to drink

Tools : music, headphones or not depending on your space available.

Sit and enter your ritual with a grounding and centering meditation. Then activate your inner space / your light.

Call upon spirits of unconditional love and light to flow through you and lead you. May they express through your body.

Put the music on and let yourself be guided into your magic flow of now.

Close the ritual by coming back to stillness. Take a moment to receive.



Lay down and visualise yourself floating in the middle of the ocean.

Only the water, the sky and you.

Immerse yourself in this experience.

Observe what you receive : thoughts, visions, feelings, sensations …

Allow yourself to flow in the vast ocean.

Come out by reconnecting to your phsysical body supported by the surface you are laying on. Reconnect to your roots. Stand up gently.

Slow down.

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