My inner child & Christmas

Aloha lovers,

Laying down in bed playing with my new toy. My inner child is bouncing with happiness and I express my joy with a big smile and gratitude for my family and the whole universe.

Let’s chat about our inner child and what is Xmas.

When we observe the kids, we see them playing with this same toy everyday. Their favorite toy, the one they take everywhere with them, the one they use so much the parents have to find tricks to keep it alive.

This special toy to take on magical adventures during the day. The magic toy that supports their creativity.

Let’s learn from our children.

Am I using my favorite toy everyday?

What toy brings me joy? What toy am I excited to show around and share?

Which of my toys makes me laugh and play like a kid?

Your inner child wants to play and have fun.

Yes!yes!yes! Let’s play!!!!

I am a child learning how to take care of myself and be independent. Thanks to my body evolving I can access more toys ahah!

I don’t have to push my plastic truck with my tiny legs anymore, I can drive my motorbike.

I can play being at the market for real, with real money and real food. Cool!

I can recharge my electric toys without asking anyone for help to plug it in.

And all the other amazing possibilities.

We are children growing up and enjoying the evolution of our human bodies.

The human body includes our minds. Our mental machinery is expanding and allows us to access more knowledge and to create new ways to express and share ourselves.

Our inner child gets access to the control room. How awesome!!

The trick is to remember to enjoy like a child. To feel the new and be excited by it. To express our innocence and allow ourselves to play.

So Christmas, this time of celebration of the birth of the little Jesus. Well, it took me spacetime (many years) to appreciate this holiday. Why would I celebrate this child I don’t even know? Why am I forced to gather with my family to honour a belief I don’t believe in….

My inner child has been questioning the why of Xmas and I found my answer!

You know this little Jesus child, he is a child born of a mother and a father in a unique environment. And then he grew up and lived his life with love and created miracles on his path.

That’s sounds like me. That sounds like everyone.

You are this special child born from a father and a mother in a unique environment.

Yes, you are and Christmas is a time to celebrate your birth. You are alive!

Celebrate yourself! You are a miracle of life!

Christmas is also a time to celebrate family.

Family is the ultimate expression of love.

I see the creation of a child as a miracle.

No matter the family you’re born in, you have been conceived and you are a miracle. Life is a unique experience. Being your biological, your adopted or your soul family, you have people around you that support you and believe in you.

My family is supporting me experiencing life. I am grateful for their love and support.

I celebrate my light, I celebrate your light.

I am grateful.

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I love you and I support you on your journey.


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