I discovered yoga in 2012 and it changed my life. From the first classes I experienced, I knew I wanted to integrate this philosophy of life. And I did! Today, yoga is bringing me the support I need in any situations and I am devoted to transmit yoga to all I meet.

I offer private/group classes and workshops.

Class: 30min to 2hours. At home, in a studio, at your office or outside (forest, beach…)

I lead the class tuned in with the energy of the moment and of the people present. Each class allows you to experience being here and now. We are flowing through a series of asanas (postures) supported by our breath. I am guiding all along to allow you to relax and strengthen.

Experience yoga with guidance.

Workshop: Apply yoga to your everyday life. Half day.

This workshop is to guide you and give you the tricks to apply yoga in your life. Yoga is not only an hour class on a mat, it is a way of life bringing you support and focus.

How to use yoga for my well being?

How to kick-start my own practice?

How to find the spacetime for my practice?

How do “I yoga” everyday and everywhere?

I propose a specific focus for each workshop for you to choose from:

– The language of the chakras

– Practicing Meditation

– Dealing with emotions

Experience your own practice.

Prices depend on location. I am traveling around the world healing and guiding. Contact me if you are interested.