Communication #3 – Meeting the other

Following our observations on Communication : #2 – Lies vs inner truth & #1 – Union with self Spending time with someone else and sharing your stories, stories of how you feel and your experiences. When you talk to someone… Continue Reading →


Home is cooooool! Your home is your creation. Your home is an expression of yourself. This is you projecting yourself materially. Home is where I feel comfortable being naked. I am me and I do me. It is where I… Continue Reading →

Game: Setting boundaries – Round 1

Click here for intro & rules. I set my boundaries – First week Mission: Discerning where you at in your mind. Focus: What you want and don’t want. Your first job is to work on what you want and don’t… Continue Reading →

2018 Nov 12 – Cut the bullshit!

This morning, I feel like a stingy scorpion (it’s Scorpio season!). First I faced myself and now I’m expressing it to you. So let’s shake things up a little bit. Ahahahahah (hear an evil laugh 😂)!!! Today we’re chatting about… Continue Reading →

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