Self-support: How do I care for myself?

I listen. When I face myself, it creates waves of change. Facing myself means I listen to my inner voice and accept what it says. My inner voice expresses itself through me. If you hear yourself say I’m stressed or… Continue Reading →

Consciousness – Vibrating love πŸ’–

When I decide to love myself, I make the choice to love myself. Yes it seems obvious but in our everyday moves, we forget to apply this law: I love myself. How do I become a love being? Everytime I… Continue Reading →

Mindset – Stop being sorry πŸ˜‹

“Don’t be sorry, be sexy” That’s what I answer people who are sorry. Or even sometimes I just say no to they sorryness. Observe how often you say “I’m sorry”. Observe how unconscious this expression has become. This is ridiculous… Continue Reading →

2018 Dec 12 – See only love

Aloha lovers, I’m on one of my beaches 😁 enjoying what I have here and now. I am visiting my friend in Otres, I’ve moved out a month ago and it’s new to be here as a visitor. My ex-house… Continue Reading →


Home is cooooool! Your home is your creation. Your home is an expression of yourself. This is you projecting yourself materially. Home is where I feel comfortable being naked. I am me and I do me. It is where I… Continue Reading →

2018 Dec 3 – I care for myself

Aloha self-lovers, I’m playing with nature and enjoying myself. What I’ve been focusing on is happening. I worked consistently on observing myself from different points of view. I saw myself with new eyes again and again and again. Now, I… Continue Reading →

2018 Nov 26 – Welcoming the new

Aloha lovers, Gazing at the dark sky, waiting for the moon to make her entrance from behind the mountain. I am enjoying now. I am riding this time of transition with confidence. Bless me. We are all going through a… Continue Reading →

2018 Nov 23rd – My priority is me

Dear lovers, I landed on a paradise beach on a pirate island, exactly where I wanted to be πŸ˜‰ I thank myself for this wish coming true. I am grateful to follow my heart and focus on the life I… Continue Reading →

2018 Oct 25 – I deserve to love and be loved πŸ’–

Full moon inspiration baby! Wow so many words coming through to share with everyone. What a beautiful clear day! You deserve to love yourself. Yes we’ve been chatting about it and we will chat about it always because we love… Continue Reading →

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