Here & Now: Full Moon Power ! (Moon in Cap, Sun in Cancer)

Are you feeling this intense energy rising these last few days? An energy coming from your core and showing you your truth. It’s here in your front view and you are finally seeing it. The last new moon reminded us… Continue Reading →

Self-support: How do I care for myself?

I listen. When I face myself, it creates waves of change. Facing myself means I listen to my inner voice and accept what it says. My inner voice expresses itself through me. If you hear yourself say I’m stressed or… Continue Reading →

Game: Setting boundaries – Round 3

Intro and rules – Teletransport here. Magic portal to Round 1 / Round 2 Game of setting boundaries – Week 3 Mission: I enjoy what I have. Focus: Me enjoying 😁 Action: Enjoy what you’re doing now. It’s a game… Continue Reading →

Stop overthinking – Clear your mind

Aloha you, As it says in my title, we are talking about your thoughts. Your thoughts are a production of your mind. You are the master of your mind. Yes this is true…but…. Sometimes it feels exhausting to think,

Healthy habits: Waking up

I’m sleeping and I’m waking up. I do that everyday. It’s one of my habits to wake up so I choose to make this regular moment a blissful experience. And as I’m waking up everyday, I know I can train… Continue Reading →

2018 Oct 24 – Your move

Yes it’s full moon time! Tonight the moon comes into Taurus and a few hours later, boom! Full moon power! I don’t know for you but the last couple of days I’ve been feeling fire inside of me. I woke… Continue Reading →

2018 Oct 14 – What am I doing for myself?

Aloha beautiful souls 🙏 The energies are stiring us up. Who am I? What do I want for myself? Where am I going to? Is this really what I want? Am I doing what I love now? What am I… Continue Reading →

Game of being here and now – Round 1

Yes a game!! I love games!! Awesome! So cool! I say yes to fun! The game is called: Here & Now Exciting! Statement: My body is here and now. Situation: I’ve lost my mind. It’s not in the here and… Continue Reading →

I am safe and everything is fine.

Going through change can seem chaotic. When you make a change for yourself, it is going to bring a change in your relationships. When I change, my interactions change. Yes, a change is transforming! This could freak you out but… Continue Reading →

Setting New Habits

WOW This is something we seem to always try to achieve… Setting new resolutions, having new goals, wanting to do something new…you are trying and it doesn’t seem to happen…

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