Energy forecast – An extraordinary week (new moon & eclipse)

Do you feel the whispers of chance? The chance to feel here and now The chance to be who we are. The actions have been taken for your new projects and now you can see clearly what you’ve done. It’s… Continue Reading →

We are infinite……WOW…….

Aloha Lovers ♥️, January 21st 2019, we are experiencing the extraordinary. Jupiter (home in Saggitarius) received the visit of Venus, they are together (in astrology we use the term conjunct) in a house of fire (Sag). The planet of growth… Continue Reading →

2019 Jan 10 – A space of transition: ending with beginning. (The Eclipse portal)

Aloha Lovers ♥️, Feeling tired and allowing myself to slowdown. My choice is clear and my move is on. Embracing peace of mind as I follow my call. I am here sharing with my soul. 🙏 How are you feeling?… Continue Reading →

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