Solstice 21 June 2019

Celebrate yourself! We are experiencing one extreme of our earthy experience: the day has one shortest and one longest. It is the maximum stretch it can do and it can do it every 6 months. One side then the other…. Continue Reading →

Philosophy: Cycles of generations

Breaking free from the last generations. We are here today thanks to the last generations that lead us here. Whatever we think of the past, it got us here. And this cycle is repeating itself endlessly, generations after generations. And… Continue Reading →

Here & Now – Seen and unseen

Dear co-creators, Being passionate about stories of our humanities, sometimes I watch documentaries. The other day I explored a Greek history, and detailed my knowledge of the oracle of Delphi. They said, the Pythia was expressing her prophecies seven days… Continue Reading →

Here & Now – New Moon in Aries

Dear creators, Happy new moon! First, I propose to observe the mechanism of the last moon cycle in relation with the sun. Then, let’s be inspired and chat about it 😁. In the zodiacal wheel, Pisces is the last sign… Continue Reading →

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