Here & Now: Full Moon Power ! (Moon in Cap, Sun in Cancer)

Are you feeling this intense energy rising these last few days? An energy coming from your core and showing you your truth. It’s here in your front view and you are finally seeing it. The last new moon reminded us… Continue Reading →

Self-support: How do I care for myself?

I listen. When I face myself, it creates waves of change. Facing myself means I listen to my inner voice and accept what it says. My inner voice expresses itself through me. If you hear yourself say I’m stressed or… Continue Reading →

Release & Let go – Sometimes I feel weird

I know where I am I know my next step But right now I feel weird. Yes sometimes we feel weird. We have done well with ourselves, we have improved and we can observe our successes with ourselves. But there… Continue Reading →

Making a choice

Our life is built with the choices we make. We decide what we want, where we go and with who we are. Sometimes we don’t feel it’s our choice but if we look at our moves in the past and… Continue Reading →

End of January 2019 – It’s time to go for it!

Aloha lovers of life, I’ve leaped and now I’m discovering the new. I have no idea of what’s happening (obviously it’s new 😉) and I am letting myself be surprised. I am going for love, freedom and joy. I’m following… Continue Reading →

2018 Dec 31 – Celebrating the new…you 🌼

Aloha lovers, My neighbours were loudly gathering all night yesterday and it inspired me. It’s new year’s eve and it’s a time of celebration. I go back in time and observe my past selves celebrating this new year’s eve. A… Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolution & Destiny

Aloha lovers, We are in transition, experiencing the ending and beginning of a cycle. Today I propose three observations: the new year’s resolution, destiny and their relationship. This new year spirit is strong and we are celebrating in many ways…. Continue Reading →

Game: Setting boundaries – Round 3

Intro and rules – Teletransport here. Magic portal to Round 1 / Round 2 Game of setting boundaries – Week 3 Mission: I enjoy what I have. Focus: Me enjoying 😁 Action: Enjoy what you’re doing now. It’s a game… Continue Reading →

2018 Nov 26 – Welcoming the new

Aloha lovers, Gazing at the dark sky, waiting for the moon to make her entrance from behind the mountain. I am enjoying now. I am riding this time of transition with confidence. Bless me. We are all going through a… Continue Reading →

Healthy habits: Waking up

I’m sleeping and I’m waking up. I do that everyday. It’s one of my habits to wake up so I choose to make this regular moment a blissful experience. And as I’m waking up everyday, I know I can train… Continue Reading →

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