Poem – I’ve been shushing myself

🔥 I’ve been shushing myself down Telling myself to quiet down My anger has been tamed And my shame overwhelmed Today I observe my sadness Of this overall madness When are we going to see Who we are in reality?

We are infinite……WOW…….

Aloha Lovers ♥️, January 21st 2019, we are experiencing the extraordinary. Jupiter (home in Saggitarius) received the visit of Venus, they are together (in astrology we use the term conjunct) in a house of fire (Sag). The planet of growth… Continue Reading →

2018 Dec 7 – New Moon – Which direction are you going to?

Today I am sharing with you how I see the signs and translate them into messages. It happens naturally and each new language I’m learning offers me a wider view on myself and the whole. Also I’ve been feeling called… Continue Reading →

2018 Oct 14 – What am I doing for myself?

Aloha beautiful souls 🙏 The energies are stiring us up. Who am I? What do I want for myself? Where am I going to? Is this really what I want? Am I doing what I love now? What am I… Continue Reading →

2018 Aug 28 – 14h44

Wow!Wow!WOW! Thank you again for your presence and taking a moment to reassure the human me. What an experience! It’s taking me in all extremes. Every polarity I can imagine and create! This is extraordinary and without your presence I… Continue Reading →

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