Self-support: How do I care for myself?

I listen. When I face myself, it creates waves of change. Facing myself means I listen to my inner voice and accept what it says. My inner voice expresses itself through me. If you hear yourself say I’m stressed or… Continue Reading →

Météo énergétique – Autour du 11 juin

Fatigué? épuisé? Tendu? Mal au corps? Site en français.

Energy Forecast – Around June 11th

Feeling tired? Maybe drained or in pain? Pick up your word, we are all feeling this weight being lifted. Well before being lifted, the weight has to be recognised. But for sure it will be lifted if you address it… Continue Reading →

Communication #3 – Meeting the other

Following our observations on Communication : #2 – Lies vs inner truth & #1 – Union with self Spending time with someone else and sharing your stories, stories of how you feel and your experiences. When you talk to someone… Continue Reading →

Consciousness – I express for myself

Express yourself from a place of trust. When I believe in myself, what I say about myself transpires my confidence. And it has the magic effect to reassure people around me. You create your own support and people magically start… Continue Reading →

Here & Now – Seen and unseen

Dear co-creators, Being passionate about stories of our humanities, sometimes I watch documentaries. The other day I explored a Greek history, and detailed my knowledge of the oracle of Delphi. They said, the Pythia was expressing her prophecies seven days… Continue Reading →

Mindset – Saying Thank You

I thank you for what you showed me. I thank you for being you. I thank you for the lesson I learned. I thank you for your presence. I thank you for you. Saying thank you is therapeutical. Not the… Continue Reading →

Mindset – Stop being sorry 😋

“Don’t be sorry, be sexy” That’s what I answer people who are sorry. Or even sometimes I just say no to they sorryness. Observe how often you say “I’m sorry”. Observe how unconscious this expression has become. This is ridiculous… Continue Reading →

Release & Let go – Sometimes I feel weird

I know where I am I know my next step But right now I feel weird. Yes sometimes we feel weird. We have done well with ourselves, we have improved and we can observe our successes with ourselves. But there… Continue Reading →

We are infinite……WOW…….

Aloha Lovers ♥️, January 21st 2019, we are experiencing the extraordinary. Jupiter (home in Saggitarius) received the visit of Venus, they are together (in astrology we use the term conjunct) in a house of fire (Sag). The planet of growth… Continue Reading →

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