Every moment with me, I hold space for you to express who you are.

I give you my unconditional love and support.

With me you feel safe to express how you feel. I am creating a magic space for you to feel free to BE.

You learn how to recognize your emotions and deal with them in a compassionate way.

You learn how to support yourself in all situations.

We are initiating the change for yourself.

If you feel lost,

If you feel confused,

If you want to heal your traumas,

If you want help,

If you want to work on yourself,

If you’re seeking answers,

If you’re curious about who you are,

If you’re attracted to meet me,

I am here.

– Guidance Reading ~ 30/45min:

I connect with your soul to give you the messages you need to hear to make new steps for yourself.

I use my clairvoyance with the mediums of numerology, astrology and cartomancy.

One on one session, face to face.

– Energy cleansing ~ 1hour:

To cleanse and reharmonize. To relax and re-energize.

It’s a hands-on energy healing. I work on your energy centers/chakras and I guide your energies to flow better.

You feel clearer and re-energize. It’s a push to start new.

One on one session.

Face to face: to organise with you.

Or: Distance Healing 33€

– Transforming Therapy ~ 1h30/2h:

To go deeper in your healing process.
We start the session sitting and talking. You feel safe to express yourself. I receive and guide you to open your vision of the situations blocking your freedom of creation. Then you lay down and I work directly on your energetic body. I call on the spirits to guide me and assist me in your healing.

One one one session. Face to face.

Prices depending on the location.

Contact me: contactoceanie@gmail.com