Leo season: Fire of passion!

Now our sun is in the house of leo (July 23nd – Aug 22nd). It’s his home and the sun is mega happy. We all have the Leo energy within us. The sun is the center of our solar system,… Continue Reading →

Here & Now – From the Eclipses into the Leo Season

Do you feel this fire inside? Today, July 22nd, the moon is in Aries ♈, fire energy and the sun ingresses the house of Leo, fire energy. The Leo season starts full on fire. Yes, fire baby! We’ve been experiencing… Continue Reading →

Solstice 21 June 2019

Celebrate yourself! We are experiencing one extreme of our earthy experience: the day has one shortest and one longest. It is the maximum stretch it can do and it can do it every 6 months. One side then the other…. Continue Reading →

Météo énergétique – Pleine Lune Juin 2019

Site en français.

Météo énergétique – Nouvelle Lune Juin 2019

J’accueille dans mon cœur Ce vent de douceur Me guidant vers mon bonheur Mon esprit en expansion Jouant avec mes directions J’éclaircie ma destination

Communication #1 – Union with self.

Invest your thoughts into the creation of your intentions, your mind guiding your action. If your mind is feeling in details and confusion it means it’s not aligned with your desires, how you are feeling. We are talking about your… Continue Reading →

Energy Forecast – Welcome to the Gemini vibe ♊

Tuesday 21st of May, our sun entered the home of Gemini♊. Our sun is not alone, it is changing house followed by Mercury, seen as the planet of communication. Mercury is ruled by Gemini meaning it is coming home. I… Continue Reading →

Healing – Experiencing and healing shame

Situation in the mind: I feel ashamed… Shame to have expressed myself. Shame to have been how I felt like being. Shame to have done what I did. Shame to be who I am. … I’m so ashamed…. Shame comes… Continue Reading →

Now→March 20/21 – Keep on flowing

We are still in this energy of the sun in Pisces and winter season for one more week so keep going easy. (Previous energy forecast) March 20th/21st, it’s full moon, the sun enters Aries and it’s spring equinox in the… Continue Reading →

2019 Feb 1 – 1, 2, 3, February!

Dear you, Let’s observe today’s date and the energy of February. 1/2/2019 = 1 / 2 / (2+0+1+9)= 1/2/3 Today we are entering (1) the gate of pairing (2) leading us into manifestatiom (3). This whole year is about manifesting… Continue Reading →

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