Energy Forecast

Translation of the general energies we feel here & now.
Inspired by astrology, numerology, cycles of nature and many other datas of the moment.

Leo season: Fire of passion!

Now our sun is in the house of leo (July 23nd – Aug 22nd). It’s his home and the sun is mega happy. We all have the Leo energy within us. The sun is the center of our solar system,… Continue Reading →

Here & Now – From the Eclipses into the Leo Season

Do you feel this fire inside? Today, July 22nd, the moon is in Aries ♈, fire energy and the sun ingresses the house of Leo, fire energy. The Leo season starts full on fire. Yes, fire baby! We’ve been experiencing… Continue Reading →

Here & Now: Full Moon Power ! (Moon in Cap, Sun in Cancer)

Are you feeling this intense energy rising these last few days? An energy coming from your core and showing you your truth. It’s here in your front view and you are finally seeing it. The last new moon reminded us… Continue Reading →

Jupiter in Sagittarius 2019 – Experience Life

Jupiter transits in the house of Sagittarius ♐ from November 8th 2018 until December 2nd 2019. It’s a good time to meet our planet Jupiter. Jupiter is superpowered because it’s in its home. It’s exactly where it feels comfortable. The… Continue Reading →

Energy forecast – An extraordinary week (new moon & eclipse)

Do you feel the whispers of chance? The chance to feel here and now The chance to be who we are. The actions have been taken for your new projects and now you can see clearly what you’ve done. It’s… Continue Reading →

Solstice 21 June 2019

Celebrate yourself! We are experiencing one extreme of our earthy experience: the day has one shortest and one longest. It is the maximum stretch it can do and it can do it every 6 months. One side then the other…. Continue Reading →

Energy Forecast – Full Moon June 2019

The moon is fully reflecting, Amplifying our will, Like a bubble of sparkles Growing towards its destiny. The universe is telling us to shine from our center. Our center being all of our parts integrated in one will. The parts… Continue Reading →

Energy Forecast – Around June 11th

Feeling tired? Maybe drained or in pain? Pick up your word, we are all feeling this weight being lifted. Well before being lifted, the weight has to be recognised. But for sure it will be lifted if you address it… Continue Reading →

Energy Forecast – Playful June

Are you feeling yourself being pulled from one side to the other? Are you having miscommunications? Or maybe feeling both opposites at the same time? A funny feeling? Gemini likes playing 😉 (Gemini season). The energies are blowing everywhere. They… Continue Reading →

Energy Forecast – Welcome to the Gemini vibe ♊

Tuesday 21st of May, our sun entered the home of Gemini♊. Our sun is not alone, it is changing house followed by Mercury, seen as the planet of communication. Mercury is ruled by Gemini meaning it is coming home. I… Continue Reading →

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