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Everyday Care #2 – Dance all around

Here a magic trick! It’s magic in infinite ways. Everyone will be inspired by this experience ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good for: anxiety, guilt, anger, depression, control freaks, lethargic, pains, sorrow and all the rest. Good to create love and happiness, it’s magic… Continue Reading →


Explore your reality. Go for walks with no destination. Let yourself wander and enjoy what is on your way. Let your phone on airplane mode and your GPS map away. Simply allow yourself the pleasure to discover another way. Let… Continue Reading →

How to: Write your sleeping dreams

Writing your dreams is a great way to remember them. What is in our unconscious comes to light when we express ourselves. To initiate this process of remembering your dreams, you need to create the habit of bringing them to… Continue Reading →

Create your supportive discipline

Here we observe discipline as a way of supporting your well being. So what is discipline? Discipline is all the little things you do to support yourself. Discipline is here when you need it. Discipline is a practice of self… Continue Reading →

Consciousness – Vibrating love ๐Ÿ’–

When I decide to love myself, I make the choice to love myself. Yes it seems obvious but in our everyday moves, we forget to apply this law: I love myself. How do I become a love being? Everytime I… Continue Reading →

Mindset – Stop being sorry ๐Ÿ˜‹

“Don’t be sorry, be sexy” That’s what I answer people who are sorry. Or even sometimes I just say no to they sorryness. Observe how often you say “I’m sorry”. Observe how unconscious this expression has become. This is ridiculous… Continue Reading →

Mindset – Observe your speech

I worked on mastering myself and here is how I’m doing it. One day, I decided to change my vocabulary. I started to observe how I was talking to myself and realised I was not compassionate. I was putting so… Continue Reading →

Natural Hygiene – Rinse Your Hair with Vinegar

Aloha seekers of healthy hair, When I started to go natural with my hair, one of my first step was to use vinegar. After every shampoo just rinse your hair with vinegar, itโ€™s a great treat for your hair, youโ€™re… Continue Reading →

Natural Care – Essential Oils for Your Hair

ย  Hello all, Remember essential oils are powerful remedies. Be responsible and do your own research about the oils that attract you, especially if you are pregnant or have a skin/health specific condition. *The ones I mainly use for myself… Continue Reading →

Healthy habits: Waking up

I’m sleeping and I’m waking up. I do that everyday. It’s one of my habits to wake up so I choose to make this regular moment a blissful experience. And as I’m waking up everyday, I know I can train… Continue Reading →

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