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Poem – To whom I’m meeting here & now

Now I feel clearer Now I feel lighter Now I am wider Opening my channel The the realms of myself Expanding my panel Of languages of self Letting the meeting evolve With no pressure of timing Nor jigsaw to solve… Continue Reading →

Are cigarettes part of the dream?

It is not cool. It is not sexy. It is not nice for your body. It is not what you think it is. Smoking cigarettes is showing us clearly you are not dealing with yourself with love and care. If… Continue Reading →

Philosophy: Cycles of generations

Breaking free from the last generations. We are here today thanks to the last generations that lead us here. Whatever we think of the past, it got us here. And this cycle is repeating itself endlessly, generations after generations. And… Continue Reading →

Poem – I’ve been shushing myself

🔥 I’ve been shushing myself down Telling myself to quiet down My anger has been tamed And my shame overwhelmed Today I observe my sadness Of this overall madness When are we going to see Who we are in reality?


Explore your reality. Go for walks with no destination. Let yourself wander and enjoy what is on your way. Let your phone on airplane mode and your GPS map away. Simply allow yourself the pleasure to discover another way. Let… Continue Reading →

Poem – Inspired by Crete

It’s time to go, it’s time for a change of location. I made the choice to move forward my destination I spent magical days in this paradise island Bathed in a panorama of mountains and sand Nature offering me all… Continue Reading →

2019 jan 5 – Pabuk, another life experience.

Aloha, Today I’m reacting strongly to what I’ve read and seen about people’s reaction to Pabuk in the western world. I’ve been turning around my home feeling my inside volcano about to explode. What I want is exploding love and… Continue Reading →

2018 Dec 5 – Today is a special day

On a fifth of December years ago, my younger sister was born. On a summer day, five years ago, my younger sister was ending her human experience for now. Life happens and we are all experiencing death because we know… Continue Reading →

Stand Up Witches!

A manifesto for the feminine 😉 Stand up proud to be a woman! Yes! I am not a feminist. Feminism is an extreme unbalanced like mysogynie. They are not harmonious. You can’t deny one sex. If the other was not,… Continue Reading →

Why magic unicorn?

Because it’s fun! I love questioning and breaking patterns. I became tense with seriousness and over-analysing everything. Life is fun and I don’t understand why I have been dwelling in heaviness for years. I don’t have to understand to accept… Continue Reading →

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