August 2019

The Ego #3 – The Voice of your Body

What we already chatted about the Ego #1 (here) and #2 (here): My ego is my self. My ego is a reflection of my way of thinking. You are thoughts and physicality. Your body is your human earthy vessel and… Continue Reading →

The Ego #2 – I observe my duality

My ego is showing me my inside. It’s the voice of my self. Ego #1, Click here. This ego can be confusing and annoying and when we start noticing our inner voice, it shows us our truth. How do I… Continue Reading →

Patience and Waiting

Patience is a power to be cultivated. Are you being patient or are you waiting for something to happen? Wait and patience are not the same. Patience is not waiting. Waiting is based on expectations. In the French language, expectations,… Continue Reading →

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