May 2019

Communication #1 – Union with self.

Invest your thoughts into the creation of your intentions, your mind guiding your action. If your mind is feeling in details and confusion it means it’s not aligned with your desires, how you are feeling. We are talking about your… Continue Reading →

Poem – Inspired by Crete

It’s time to go, it’s time for a change of location. I made the choice to move forward my destination I spent magical days in this paradise island Bathed in a panorama of mountains and sand Nature offering me all… Continue Reading →

Energy Forecast – Welcome to the Gemini vibe ♊

Tuesday 21st of May, our sun entered the home of Gemini♊. Our sun is not alone, it is changing house followed by Mercury, seen as the planet of communication. Mercury is ruled by Gemini meaning it is coming home. I… Continue Reading →

I feel my inside burning

Fire inside my belly!!!! It feels like I’m burning inside. What do I do with that?! Let’s start with the fire and observe: Fire burns constantly, it is what we see in the obscurity, it is always in movement. Fire… Continue Reading →

How to: Write your sleeping dreams

Writing your dreams is a great way to remember them. What is in our unconscious comes to light when we express ourselves. To initiate this process of remembering your dreams, you need to create the habit of bringing them to… Continue Reading →

Energy Forecast – Full Moon – 18th May 2019

Feeling lighter and clearer, This moon brings the answers For us to focus on what matters. What do I want to accomplish in this lifetime of mine? What are my goals to realize? What to implement in my everyday experience… Continue Reading →

Consciousness – I express for myself

Express yourself from a place of trust. When I believe in myself, what I say about myself transpires my confidence. And it has the magic effect to reassure people around me. You create your own support and people magically start… Continue Reading →

Here & Now: The choice is made

Aloha creators, Wow the last week was intense! The energies are still stirring us up to go for what we want for ourselves, to just do it without over-questioning. Last week-end was a new moon too. She was comfy in… Continue Reading →

Create your supportive discipline

Here we observe discipline as a way of supporting your well being. So what is discipline? Discipline is all the little things you do to support yourself. Discipline is here when you need it. Discipline is a practice of self… Continue Reading →

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