April 2019

Here&Now: My head is spinning

Dear you, Wow it’s been a ride…πŸ˜‚ This week-end, I was chilling at home reflecting on my last few weeks. I feel I’m rebirthing. Actually I’ve been feeling the birthing of my new self for a while but I felt… Continue Reading →

Here & Now – Seen and unseen

Dear co-creators, Being passionate about stories of our humanities, sometimes I watch documentaries. The other day I explored a Greek history, and detailed my knowledge of the oracle of Delphi. They said, the Pythia was expressing her prophecies seven days… Continue Reading →

Consciousness – Vibrating love πŸ’–

When I decide to love myself, I make the choice to love myself. Yes it seems obvious but in our everyday moves, we forget to apply this law: I love myself. How do I become a love being? Everytime I… Continue Reading →

Here & Now – New Moon in Aries

Dear creators, Happy new moon! First, I propose to observe the mechanism of the last moon cycle in relation with the sun. Then, let’s be inspired and chat about it 😁. In the zodiacal wheel, Pisces is the last sign… Continue Reading →

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