March 2019

Healing – Experiencing and healing shame

Situation in the mind: I feel ashamed… Shame to have expressed myself. Shame to have been how I felt like being. Shame to have done what I did. Shame to be who I am. … I’m so ashamed…. Shame comes… Continue Reading →

Here & Now – Space to be

Been feeling intensely tired so I slept for a few days. Observing my mind resisting and trying to find excuses to be tired when simply I’m supposed to be. So I accept my rest and I recharge. I’m not letting… Continue Reading →

Consciousness – Forever Traveling

Dear lovers of life, Traveling is awesome!!! When we think about traveling we all have images flowing inside our eyes. It feels good. We often project ourselves far away. I want to chat about the every moment traveling. You know… Continue Reading →

Now→March 20/21 – Keep on flowing

We are still in this energy of the sun in Pisces and winter season for one more week so keep going easy. (Previous energy forecast) March 20th/21st, it’s full moon, the sun enters Aries and it’s spring equinox in the… Continue Reading →

Mindset – Saying Thank You

I thank you for what you showed me. I thank you for being you. I thank you for the lesson I learned. I thank you for your presence. I thank you for you. Saying thank you is therapeutical. Not the… Continue Reading →

A letter to the Men

I’m observing a lot of words for the empowerment of women describing the abuse of men and all their faults and mistakes. I want to take a moment to answer all these articles about the wrongs of men. These are… Continue Reading →

Mindset – Stop being sorry 😋

“Don’t be sorry, be sexy” That’s what I answer people who are sorry. Or even sometimes I just say no to they sorryness. Observe how often you say “I’m sorry”. Observe how unconscious this expression has become. This is ridiculous… Continue Reading →

2019 March 1st – Let it flow

Aloha lovers of life and welcome to March!! A new month is starting, a month transiting us into spring. How cool, change is still happening 😋 We are evolving…as always 🌱 The last few weeks and months have been intense…. Continue Reading →

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