February 2019

Mindset – Observe your speech

I worked on mastering myself and here is how I’m doing it. One day, I decided to change my vocabulary. I started to observe how I was talking to myself and realised I was not compassionate. I was putting so… Continue Reading →

Release & Let go – Sometimes I feel weird

I know where I am I know my next step But right now I feel weird. Yes sometimes we feel weird. We have done well with ourselves, we have improved and we can observe our successes with ourselves. But there… Continue Reading →

Making a choice

Our life is built with the choices we make. We decide what we want, where we go and with who we are. Sometimes we don’t feel it’s our choice but if we look at our moves in the past and… Continue Reading →

2019 Feb 4 – Aquarius New Moon

Dear you, The snow is dancing with the wind outside and I enjoy a cocooning day in bed. Allowing myself a well deserved rest to clear my head and recharge. The energies are shaking my life for the better, it’s… Continue Reading →

2019 Feb 1 – 1, 2, 3, February!

Dear you, Let’s observe today’s date and the energy of February. 1/2/2019 = 1 / 2 / (2+0+1+9)= 1/2/3 Today we are entering (1) the gate of pairing (2) leading us into manifestatiom (3). This whole year is about manifesting… Continue Reading →

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