January 2019

End of January 2019 – It’s time to go for it!

Aloha lovers of life, I’ve leaped and now I’m discovering the new. I have no idea of what’s happening (obviously it’s new 😉) and I am letting myself be surprised. I am going for love, freedom and joy. I’m following… Continue Reading →

Being a woman – Menstrual Eco Cup

Aloha sisters & brothers, Today, I am going to talk to you about a true feminine subject but gentlemen, it’s also important for you to know about these things. My new cup, it’s purple and makes me beautiful. I received… Continue Reading →

We are infinite……WOW…….

Aloha Lovers ♥️, January 21st 2019, we are experiencing the extraordinary. Jupiter (home in Saggitarius) received the visit of Venus, they are together (in astrology we use the term conjunct) in a house of fire (Sag). The planet of growth… Continue Reading →

What to do when I feel confused?

Sometimes I feel confused. I don’t know what I’m doing and what I want to do. So how do I deal with myself? Recenter & Ground Yourself Focus on right now, where you are physically. Breathe deeply three times. Tell… Continue Reading →

Natural Hygiene – Rinse Your Hair with Vinegar

Aloha seekers of healthy hair, When I started to go natural with my hair, one of my first step was to use vinegar. After every shampoo just rinse your hair with vinegar, it’s a great treat for your hair, you’re… Continue Reading →

Natural Care – Essential Oils for Your Hair

  Hello all, Remember essential oils are powerful remedies. Be responsible and do your own research about the oils that attract you, especially if you are pregnant or have a skin/health specific condition. *The ones I mainly use for myself… Continue Reading →

Natural Care – How to read Shampoo Ingredients

Aloha seekers of nature, In 2012, I made a big change in my daily hygiene routine. I decided to learn about the products I was using. It started with my shampoo. My first step was to become familiar with a… Continue Reading →

2019 Jan 10 – A space of transition: ending with beginning. (The Eclipse portal)

Aloha Lovers ♥️, Feeling tired and allowing myself to slowdown. My choice is clear and my move is on. Embracing peace of mind as I follow my call. I am here sharing with my soul. 🙏 How are you feeling?… Continue Reading →

2019 jan 5 – Pabuk, another life experience.

Aloha, Today I’m reacting strongly to what I’ve read and seen about people’s reaction to Pabuk in the western world. I’ve been turning around my home feeling my inside volcano about to explode. What I want is exploding love and… Continue Reading →

2019 Jan 3 – Set yourself in motion

Happy new year lovers 🚀💖 Wow! Feeling the new energy swirling inside of me. Observing how my emotions are setting the direction of my actions. Creating sense with letters to express what matters. I ride with excitation to set myself… Continue Reading →

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