December 2018

2018 Dec 31 – Celebrating the new…you 🌼

Aloha lovers, My neighbours were loudly gathering all night yesterday and it inspired me. It’s new year’s eve and it’s a time of celebration. I go back in time and observe my past selves celebrating this new year’s eve. A… Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolution & Destiny

Aloha lovers, We are in transition, experiencing the ending and beginning of a cycle. Today I propose three observations: the new year’s resolution, destiny and their relationship. This new year spirit is strong and we are celebrating in many ways…. Continue Reading →

Merry Xmas to you 😘

Aloha lovers, Laying down in bed playing with my new toy πŸ˜‰ My inner child is bouncing with happiness and I express my joy with a big smile and gratitude for my family and the whole universe. When we observe… Continue Reading →

2018 Dec 12 – See only love

Aloha lovers, I’m on one of my beaches 😁 enjoying what I have here and now. I am visiting my friend in Otres, I’ve moved out a month ago and it’s new to be here as a visitor. My ex-house… Continue Reading →

2018 Dec 7 – New Moon – Which direction are you going to?

Today I am sharing with you how I see the signs and translate them into messages. It happens naturally and each new language I’m learning offers me a wider view on myself and the whole. Also I’ve been feeling called… Continue Reading →

2018 Dec 5 – Today is a special day

On a fifth of December years ago, my younger sister was born. On a summer day, five years ago, my younger sister was ending her human experience for now. Life happens and we are all experiencing death because we know… Continue Reading →


Home is cooooool! Your home is your creation. Your home is an expression of yourself. This is you projecting yourself materially. Home is where I feel comfortable being naked. I am me and I do me. It is where I… Continue Reading →

2018 Dec 3 – I care for myself

Aloha self-lovers, I’m playing with nature and enjoying myself. What I’ve been focusing on is happening. I worked consistently on observing myself from different points of view. I saw myself with new eyes again and again and again. Now, I… Continue Reading →

Game: Setting boundaries – Round 3

Intro and rules – Teletransport here. Magic portal to Round 1 / Round 2 Game of setting boundaries – Week 3 Mission: I enjoy what I have. Focus: Me enjoying 😁 Action: Enjoy what you’re doing now. It’s a game… Continue Reading →

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