November 2018

2018 Nov 26 – Welcoming the new

Aloha lovers, Gazing at the dark sky, waiting for the moon to make her entrance from behind the mountain. I am enjoying now. I am riding this time of transition with confidence. Bless me. We are all going through a… Continue Reading →

2018 Nov 23rd – My priority is me

Dear lovers, I landed on a paradise beach on a pirate island, exactly where I wanted to be 😉 I thank myself for this wish coming true. I am grateful to follow my heart and focus on the life I… Continue Reading →

Game: Setting boundaries – Round 2

What’s the game? What’s the rules? Click here 😉 First round of this fantastic game: Bounce here 🦄 I set my boundaries – Second week Mission: Appreciate what I have here and now. Focus: What I want and what I… Continue Reading →

Game: Setting boundaries – Round 1

Click here for intro & rules. I set my boundaries – First week Mission: Discerning where you at in your mind. Focus: What you want and don’t want. Your first job is to work on what you want and don’t… Continue Reading →

Game: Setting boundaries – Rules

Aloha beautiful beings A new game! How exciting! It’s for you to play at creating your own space. You see when you set your boundaries, you create your safe space. We can observe how the world applies this by setting… Continue Reading →

Stop overthinking – Clear your mind

Aloha you, As it says in my title, we are talking about your thoughts. Your thoughts are a production of your mind. You are the master of your mind. Yes this is true…but…. Sometimes it feels exhausting to think,

Healthy habits: Waking up

I’m sleeping and I’m waking up. I do that everyday. It’s one of my habits to wake up so I choose to make this regular moment a blissful experience. And as I’m waking up everyday, I know I can train… Continue Reading →

2018 Nov 12 – Cut the bullshit!

This morning, I feel like a stingy scorpion (it’s Scorpio season!). First I faced myself and now I’m expressing it to you. So let’s shake things up a little bit. Ahahahahah (hear an evil laugh 😂)!!! Today we’re chatting about… Continue Reading →

2018 Nov 1st – Death & Rebirth

Today is a magic new beginning day. We’ve been chatting about making choices, following our desires, deserving what we want, accepting our own love and allowing ourselves to express what we want. We are all going through a phase of… Continue Reading →

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