September 2018

2018 sept 23 – Choices, Changes and Love

I’m swaying in a hammock on the lake at my friend’s. The sky is illuminated by the almost full moon and the crickets are singing peacefully. The Equinox happened and the sun is now in Libra. The moon is in… Continue Reading →

2018 sept 19 – Your actions show who you are

Aloha, I wrote this 24 hours ago. We had a full day power cut yesterday, that was cool. Here is my past story: I got broke in last night. People can be surprisingly stupid. The details are someone jumped over… Continue Reading →

I am safe and everything is fine.

Going through change can seem chaotic. When you make a change for yourself, it is going to bring a change in your relationships. When I change, my interactions change. Yes, a change is transforming! This could freak you out but… Continue Reading →

2018 sept 8 – It’s new moon, I observe myself

Aloha seekers of knowledge, New moon is happening tomorrow around 8pm France (sunday 9th)/1am Cambodia (monday 10th). At new moon, the moon is in the same sign as the sun. The sun is now in Virgo therefore we have a… Continue Reading →

The choice of the new

When a new opportunity comes along our path, we are facing a choice. First, we have to receive the new opportunity. The new can shape itself in creative ways. You are the one that has to be open to it…. Continue Reading →

2018 sept 1 – Welcome to September ☀️

Every month we have the chance to start a new cycle. I receive the new cycle 😁 September opens up the doors to new beginnings: new relationships, new opportunities, new possibilities.

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