August 2018

Why magic unicorn?

Because it’s fun! I love questioning and breaking patterns. I became tense with seriousness and over-analysing everything. Life is fun and I don’t understand why I have been dwelling in heaviness for years. I don’t have to understand to accept… Continue Reading →

2018 Aug 28 – 14h44

Wow!Wow!WOW! Thank you again for your presence and taking a moment to reassure the human me. What an experience! It’s taking me in all extremes. Every polarity I can imagine and create! This is extraordinary and without your presence I… Continue Reading →

2018 Aug 26 – Full moon day

Here&Now, I am sharing with you a moment where I let my mind loop in insanity ahah. I was just sitting comfy on my couch in a dark room, watching a documentary about the origin of civilization on a big… Continue Reading →

2018 Aug 19 – Back to my Family Home Again

19 août 2018 – Maison Bleue Aloha you, Today I’m back at my parent’s after an experimental week with my biological father I haven’t seen for ten years. They dropped me off in the city where I had planned to… Continue Reading →

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