In Wellington

Kia Ora,

July 2020, I am in Wellington City and available to work with you.

I offer my expertise in Holistic Care and Energy Medicine during private or group sessions, and on-site consultation for holistic and spiritual businesses.

A session with me is enlightening. I support you in your growth. I address your self care and expression to help you clarify your way. Whoever you are and wherever you are in your life journey, I have the skills and experience to guide you.

We create your session together. I adapt to you, I talk your language and hold the space for you to feel comfortable and in trust. (You believe in what you believe, I am not here to change your mind).

I can do that because I speak and work with many languages/techniques: behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mind reprogramming, chakras, ayurveda, daily habits and self care discipline, daily life organisation, energy healing, herbal medicine, guts health, yoga, meditation, flow arts, spirits, tarot and oracle cards, astrology/nomy, numerology, physics/geometry and other sciences, sound healing & vibrations, etc.

Please check my website to learn more about me, my way of expressing and see if you feel attracted to me.

You can also call me for a first contact, to ask me your questions and if you wish organise a session with me: 0221063784 (2degrees).

About my prices: I do not have fixed prices, we are all unique and in unique situations therefore I offer you the choice of your investment in yourself and in my work. Koha is my way.

I love you,


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