*I Love ME* Coaching

~ Magic coaching to recenter on you ~

You want to support your Self healing ?

You want to create your Self-care rituals ?

You want to bathe in unconditional love ?

Own your unique Self.

Our general education doesn’t include health and wellness as a priority. We are often taught to give our health responsibility to outsiders. We are even conditionned to not believe in our extraordinary Self !

Being healthy is commonly thought as being 100% all the time. Is that working out for you ?

Let’s shake that idea because it’s exhausting.

For me, being healthy means accepting my condition of now and caring for myself in a respectful and balanced way. I have the body I have and it is my responsibility to honour it as it needs.

Let’s stop the inner judgments and free your Self from a “not being worthy of love” mindset.

Reclaim your Self.

Be centred.

You are at the center of your life like the sun is at the center of its system. Yes you are the star of your own life journey !

Recentering at the center of your own system of being will spark magic in your life’s experience. Imagine being confident and at ease with yourself ?

Be you.

Integrate new foundations to support your expansion.

You are a being in development. All your Self is evolving.

In this program, you will :

  • Integrate new habits, act your self-love & balance your routine.
  • Learn to set boundaries, clear your space & center your energy.
  • Reconnect to your body, develop your intuition & deepen your self-awareness.
  • Rest efficiently & improve your productivity.
  • Cultivate inner peace & compassion.

Love your Self.

Tune into a new timeline.

We initiate your transformation on new moon to align with the astral timing. The moon cycle influences your emotional self so it is auspicious to attune to it.

I am with you all along, we keep connected online : I am here to answer your questions, reassure your doubts, refocus your mind and guide your steps.

Let’s do it :

  • 40 days of magic Self attunement, activation and manifestation.
  • 7 Online sessions
  • 40 days of online support chat.
  • Self-Love Discipline & Self-Care Rituals.

This program can be done one-on-one or within a group ; it is nice to transform with your soul tribe, family and friends. Contact me and we will create the flow adapted to your duo/group.

Be you.

Love you.

Do you.

Are you ready to vibe your Love and transform your Flow ?

Let’s chat !

If you don’t have Whatsapp, please find other ways to contact me here.

Your answer is inside, it’s a feeling. Surely some thoughts are interfering, our ego can freak out at the thought of doing new ! It’s normal, we have been conditionned to think that the unknown is not a safe and beautiful place, that we cannot transform our Self, that dreams are not real, etc. So coming from this perspective it can trigger resistances to imagine creating a new way and being your own master. If you don’t know, I propose that you simply start here and see how it flows.

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