Habits – Writing your thoughts

Creating the habit to write your thought will support your growth. It is a healthy habit for all. It helps during your healing journey, to support your self-realization, to develop your psychic abilities and to open to your creativity.

Writing your thoughts is more commonly called journaling.

Journaling can trigger resistance or pre-conceived ideas for some of us. So, I invite you to observe your first reaction:

Which thoughts came up?

Any change in your feelings?

How your body moved or not?

Do not try to analyze your reaction. Stop right now and keep reading before creating overthinking.

I tried it too….many times… and one day I just did it.

I stopped trying and simply acted on my intention to commit to my self-development.

I read so much, so much about intuitive writing, about journaling, about all that people had to say on this subject of “writing my thoughts”. By the way, I am grateful to everyone for sharing their own experiences and perspectives on the subject because it showed me that it is helpful for others so why not for me ? Nonetheless, I never understood why I’d do it and it took me time and my own experience to understand the benefits of journaling.

Therefore, I am asking you to de-attach from all you think you know or read about journaling and hear me out.

Allow yourself to be receptive and listen.

My proposition is:

Today you start practicing writing. You as a human body are going to train yourself to write everyday. This is about you strengthening a way of expression for your body to communicate.

Intention : I am training my body to express through writing.

Guidance : one day, one date, one sentence.

Tools needed : a notebook and a pen (Tools you can find easily and for cheap, no excuses here)

Position: Sitting (so easy)

Timespace: From a few seconds to infinity

Mode of action:

Situation – During your day (morning, evening, mid-morning, toilet time, transportation time, stretch time, bed time, mid-afternoon, whatever), at one moment, you sit, you pick up a pen, you open the notebook to the first blank page available…

Step 1 – Now, write today’s date.

Step 2 – Continue by writing one sentence.

No need to think about it, you are thinking enough already. Just do it. Write it down. Let it out.

Step 3 – Observe how well you’ve done with yourself today: yeah you did it! what you observe is : “I am writing for myself”

Step 4 – Now that you read it all, why not doing it now? Because reading this article takes longer than actually writing today’s date and 1 sentence. So yes (I answer your question) you have the time to do it.

Step 5 : Do it everyday.

If you forget, it’s ok. Just observe you don’t remember doing it so help yourself by setting a specific moment for it. During your day there are a few moves you always do: you wake up, you go to the toilets, you wash, you eat, you go to bed. Now add I write before of after one of these obvious day habits.

Sometimes it is not about thinking but it is about doing.

Benefits :

Well, that’s the secret to unveil as you experience your new supportive habit.

It will help you to communicate better with yourself and this will enhance not only your communication with others but also your general well-being.

Be creative in creating your own support.

Do it for you.

More inspiration:

I love you,


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