The choice of the new

When a new opportunity comes along our path, we are facing a choice.

First, we have to receive the new opportunity. The new can shape itself in creative ways. You are the one that has to be open to it. If you are not in a receiving mode, you might not see the new.

Everyday offers us new situations and new interactions. Even if you only see the routine and the same same, it is not. Every moment has its own energy and you are bathing in it. So you have to accept that a change could happen at any moment. It is you allowing yourself to see the differences, the new.

Yes the new is different, that’s why we call it new. Well it feels different but it is really? When I long for a change, maybe this new presenting itself is a continuity of my desire. Maybe it is not as different as we see it?

I tell myself to be open to whatever comes my way and I trust myself to deal with it.

Now I am open to the new.

And suddenly, it is here, in front of me. Wow that’s cool 😁

This new is a possibility I have the choice to go with it or not.

Every step of the way we are facing new and we are making the choices we want for ourselves. It can be opportunities for us to pass because we are happy with our present situation. These moments are great. You know when you say no to something that you know could be nice but it’s simply not what you want now. Now you are good and doing what you like and it’s awesome to realize it again.

But sometimes it’s a very appealing new because we want a change. We are not very well where we are and with what we are doing or not doing so this new is shiny shiny. And it can create confusion. Ahah confusion is a good sign. Confusion means it’s not clear in your mind. There is a misalignement between your desires and your actions (your thoughts are actions).

For example, I say no to a proposition but I realize that my mind is still thinking about it which stops me from being free in what I’m doing now. The confusion still exists.

Another example, I say yes to something new but I don’t step into it with my actions. I am not doing in accordance with my decision. The confusion is still present.

When I make a choice, I need to make it with my mind and my body. If the body is in one place and the mind in another, you are creating confusion within yourself and it’s not comfortable to be you now 😜

Now you recognize the choice is yours and it’s time to decide…

Ahhhhh but my mind is looping in questionings….what do I do? Is it reasonable? No, yes, no, yes, no… I find new excuses all the time and all my excuses make sense.

Yes it’s right, we have this amazing skill to create excuses that make sense in one reality. The reality of non moving. You know when you always have a good reason to not go forward, to not allow yourself to do something new, even something you’d like doing. We are our own nightmares 😂

Re-center here and now. Close your eyes, observe your breath a few times and relax.

Now ask yourself the only question: Do I want it?

The answer is usually clear. It can also make your whole body vibrate with excitement. We talk about butterfly in our bellies when we fall in love. It’s the same here. Say your answer out loud. How does it feel?

Once the choice is made, go for it!

Remember to celebrate yourself for every step you take in your life.

When you feel in harmony with yourself, the people around you benefit from it.

I love you and I support you on your journey,

Océanie 😘

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