Re-center on your priority: YOU

Today you want to know how to re-center. You are seeking guidance in aligning yourself. You want peace within but it feels challenging at this moment.

What to do? How to focus on you in this present moment?

I am grateful to follow my heart and focus on the life I want to live at every moment.

You are the creator of your life.

You create your thoughts. How you see is under your control.

Yes life has an infinity of contrasts. I know you can see what’s good or not good, what’s right and what’s not right, what’s comfortable and what’s not comfortable. I am aware, you are aware. Cool.

You’ve experienced many situations and you know what you like or not. You know what makes you smile, you know what brings you joy. Knowing all of this is an achievement.

You know how to make yourself feel good.

Yes it’s true, you know yourself.

So why not listening to yourself from now on?

Practicing self love is listening to how you feel right now.

Ok. You know that. Now how do we apply…..?

Sit down.

Close your eyes.

Deep breath in.

Let out through your mouth.

One more time.

One more time.

Do it 😉

Now what do you feel like doing?

Here you have your answer 🙏

You do it now.

Because knowing and doing are two different actions.

Once you know your truth, bring it in your body.

You create your harmony between what you are feeling and what you are doing.

No guilt. No pressure. No “I should”

Just do.

Then you’ll see.

Step by step.

Your priority is yourself.

Play the game 😁

More inspiration:

I love you and support you on your journey 💖🦄🙏


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