I feel my inside burning

Fire inside my belly!!!! It feels like I’m burning inside. What do I do with that?!

Let’s start with the fire and observe: Fire burns constantly, it is what we see in the obscurity, it is always in movement. Fire is consuming itself.

Our inner fire wants to be consumed, it wants to flow out and not be stuck in. Because if it stays in, it’s gonna burn us inside or even die…would this inner fire die? I tell you it won’t because what you feel is your own self wanted to be seen.

Are you listening to yourself?

Are you seeing yourself?

Are you allowing yourself to shine like a star?

Fire wants to be expressed.

So whatever burns inside of you is asking you to let it out.

Express outside what you have inside.

Let’s be inspired by our sky too : The moon was full in Scorpio and now it’s in sagittarius, a fire sign. How funny you feel this fire inside of you 😉.

If you observe the night sky these days you can enjoy the brightness of our moon but also observe that next to it there is this very bright point. It’s Jupiter! Notice how the brightness of the moon is shadowing the stars but not Jupiter who is super shiny next to our super bright moon. Cool. Jupiter is a thousand times bigger than earth and it’s made of gas. Jupiter is consuming itself non stop. It is said to be the planet of growth. We learn that our flow of expansion is shining bright when it’s flowing. It’s about this fire expressing itself.

Today the moon and Jupiter meet in sagittarius, where Jupiter is at home. Mister Expansion is super happy and is expanding itself comfortably. Now meeting the moon to align how we feel with how we grow.

That’s what we are asked to do. This fire you feel inside wants to be expressed. Who you are wants to be seen. And here I’m not talking about being a social public star. Not at all. I am asking you, we are asking you to see yourself for who you are and shine for yourself. How do you expect people to listen to you if you don’t listen to yourself?

So what you keep saying you want to do, what you’ve been detailing and questioning again and again and again: DO IT.

Climb the stairs, step by step.

We’ve been thinking and overseeing the details enough. You have set your intentions already. You know your dream. Step in now.

Make it reality now.

Once you start expressing outside who you are inside, you are freeing your flow.

As well, all these things you want to do and accomplish for yourself, you need to start doing them to get to that success.


You want to do, do.

The universe and all of us are here supporting you in your new endeavour.

Listen to yourself and do for you now.

Treat yourself to your own beauty.

Create 🔥

Believe in yourself and trust this fire to direct you.

Go for it 😎

I love you,


Picture: I am who I am, taken in Plakias, Crete, Greece.

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