I deserve to love and be loved 💖

You deserve to love yourself.

Yes we’ve been chatting about it and we will chat about it always because we love loving 😉

Who doesn’t want to chat about love? Who doesn’t want to feel and think love?

Now I want to focus on the love romantic special person relationship. The one you’re longing for. This beautiful being you want in your life that fits you perfectly.

I want to create with you. I want to build new with you. We both come from different dimensions and I know our union will create infinity of magic. I am dreaming of my magic love union.

If inside your heart, you want this dreamy love, it’s time to express it. Yes listen to the voice of love inside yourself. Accept it. Allow yourself the pleasure to want the big wave of love to swirl your heart.

Or any kind of passion you desire.

Don’t be shy to want to be loved. Don’t be shameful to accept your desire for love.

Yes it feels overwhelming. When you allow love in and when someone really resonates with you it feels WoW. The mind can freak out as well: the stir of emotions inside your belly boils up to your mind and BOOM freaking out happens. So observe that and breathe. It’s love baby! It feels so exciting!!! An excitement that can be translated as fear. See fear as a blessing.

Your fear shines light on what needs healing inside of you.

What chains from the past still exist inside of me? What takes me away from what I really desire?

Observe. Accept. Let go. Learn. Heal.

I deserve to be loved.

Yes some of us want a sacred union with another one. So let’s say it out loud!

Share your love for love!

We are rising together. We are loving together.

I deserve to love and be loved.

More inspiration:

I love you and support you on your journey 🙏

Happy now 🦄⚡

Océanie, goddess of love 💖

Picture: The background is the heart chakra. The card is the 2 of water from Dreams of Gaia Deck, the heart is selenite, the two other crystals are rose quartz.

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