I care for myself

I’m playing with nature and enjoying myself. What I’ve been focusing on is happening. I worked consistently on observing myself from different points of view. I saw myself with new eyes again and again and again. Now, I am doing me and it feels wow.

How to get to a place of self-love and care?

You are wow too. You can feel magic too. If you want to be you, you have to focus on you.

I’m chatting about releasing and let go again. Yes when you’re focusing on liberating yourself from yourself, you learn how to love yourself

One perspective of love is self-care.

How are you caring for yourself?

How do you care for your body? How do you care for your mind?

I’m not asking what you do for others, I’m asking what you’re doing for yourself.

Are you allocating nurturing timespace for yourself everyday?

How are you talking to yourself in your mind?

To release, you need to observe what needs to change.

So observe yourself.

What words do you put on your feelings?

If they are positive, they are supportive.

If they are negative, they are torturing.


Face yourself. Listen to your truth.

Admit to yourself what you’re not doing for yourself and you would love to. Admit to yourself the harm you’re doing to yourself.

Accept who you are now.

Be honest with yourself.

Once you start admitting your own truth, the healing is happening.

Healing is releasing what’s not you. Healing is shattering the illusion of yourself which is not you.

Healing is re-connecting with who you are.

And to connect, you need to train your mind and your body! Together. That’s the balance I’m talking about 😉

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Support yourself 💖

I love you and support you on your journey 🙏💖🦄

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