I am responsible for my health

In this article, we are chatting about what being responsible means and how we can re-establish our health balance.

First, let’s clarify our mindset:

I am my own priority

We are here on earth in a human body and this body is our responsability.

At every moment we are in contact with our envirronment. This envirronment is shaped differently depending on where we are now. This envirronment is unique at every moment as well.

Nature is breathing,

I am breathing,

You are breathing,

We are all connected.

All is always evolving. That’s how it is; time passes as the wind blows and the water flows. The status quo is an evolving state. We are not fixed, we are in motion.

When we observe our health from our natural perspective, we understand that we have this capacity to adapt. Like the plants and animals adapt to the seasons and climate changes,we,human beings,have the same power of adaptation. This power is within us and outside of us, it is who we are.

Empowering ourselves is being in tune with how we feel within and how we feel outside.

Every part of the whole interconnected in an harmonious flow.

If we translate this for our health, we learn that we have to adapt with what we have. The thing is our body flows naturally anyway as it is part of the natural realm. What may block and resist our natural flexibility is our thinking mind. When I refuse to adapt and keep fixated.

As the seasons change, we are asked to follow this natural rhythm. But it seems that we have created rigid thinking to block our flow.

Am I responsible for my own health?

Am I allowing my self to flow with nature?

Am I adapting my routine with the seasons?

Observing your behaviours will give you the answer: How do I react when I have a ache in my physicality? How do I react when I feel triggered by the outside? How do I react when I feel weird or tired?

Be honest with yourself.

All the answers and solutions are within yourself, you simply have to listen and accept the messages you receive from yourself.

Your immune system is your center. It is to be taken care of as your whole.

My body is my mind and my mind is my body.

My thought pattern is reflecting my behaviour and my behaviour is reflecting my thought pattern.

Separation is my creation as I am whole and all is naturally connected.

Wherever you are here and now, you have all you need to care for yourself. Nature is abundant and offers us infinite supply.

The thing is some societies have been fighting their natural self and have created ways to intoxicate themselves. This self destructive behaviours is an incoherence but it is a reality of today.

Some of us rely on governmental structures to tell them how to feel and be. Some of us take the outside for responsible. Some of us don’t take charge of themselves and inspire toxicity.

As we breathe in and out, everything you inspire is part of you and everything you expire is released outside of you.

The magic of our system is that we can transform what comes in into something new to let out.

Our immune system works similarly, if it receives something not supportive, it will “fight it” to re-establish its equilibrium. Think about fever as a healthy reaction, or how pain is a way for your body to communicate with you.

Being responsible for my health means that I know how to support myself when not in the best mood or physical condition. It means I accept the flow and that sometimes rest is needed. It means I let my physicality takes the time needed for its regeneration. It means I consider my thoughts as part of my wellbeing.

Being responsible for your wellbeing is a process. You start by assessing where you’re at, then you study new ways to care and put them into practice with patience to allow your new harmony to balance itself. Step by step you learn as you experiment new and you adapt your care depending on the situations. It’s a beautiful journey made of every moment.

Here is an article about regeneration.

You have everything you need here and now to care for your health.

Being responsible for your health is a way of life and you can do it right here and now.

Appreciate yourself and enjoy the process.

I love you,


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