I am a Spiritual Warrior.

Once upon a time, I crossed path with Mikael in the Shambala Warrior Kingdom. Here is my story.

Being a warrior is a thought that has been with me for a few years. I discovered this concept with the term lightwarrior. Then last summer, a few events showed me I was a warrior. Basically I had intense encounters and after the storm passed, my thoughts were telling me: “I am a warrior”. I believe in the voices in my head now, I know they are here for my growth and I know I am the one creating them too.

The word warrior was not easy for me to accept. I saw it referring to violence and blood. I am a non violent person and I am guiding people to be compassionate so the warrior thing was not to my liking. Anyway it seems to come to me in many ways therefore I observed it and met its spirit.

For me being a warrior is dedicating my life into protecting my home. My home is earth, I am a human being and I want to protect my life here. I believe in peace and harmony but my home planet is lost in fear and misery. 

When I was younger I was putting pressure on my shoulders about all the awful stuff I was reading about the world, and it paralyzed me. I was upset and I was not taking any action towards the change. I didn’t know how, I was overwhelmed. Years later, the time had come for me to explore this world in search of its beauty. I packed up my bag and hopped on a plane.

My journey took me around the world. I immerged myself in many ways of living. I got confronted with different lifestyles and I adapted appreciating every moment. I saw beauty and love everywhere. People caring for their families, people dedicating themselves to the well-being of their communities. I met with devotion and dedication.

I got inspired to do my own way.

That’s how I started to train myself to be the person I wanted to be. I implemented my dream into my reality. I realized that to save the world, I had to start with myself. I wanted to live in a world of love and joy so I worked with myself towards being compassionate and enjoying my every moment.

My training started with assessing who I was. I faced myself with all I disliked about me. That was an intense ride but so rewarding. I dived deep into my fears. I addressed my guilt. I unleashed my anger and my sadness. Emotions were not my friends because I suppressed my feelings for years, which means I had a lot to release. I started to feel all my body tensions and took care of them. My training was mental and physical. Observing my mind and my body taught me about my way of being. I got clarity on my conditioning and from this place of truth with myself, I initiated my transformation.

Being a warrior is being strong inside and outside. A warrior has integrity. A warrior self practices everyday to be ready in case of attack. Attack is a big word here but some people can be aggressive and their anger tries to invade my peaceful self. That’s an attack.

I created my own training adapted to who I was and who I wanted to be. I simply wanted to be myself. When I started this journey, I had no idea what it meant to be myself. I was believing in the best and the best I could be.

I included my training in my every day life. I am not myself only on specific days, I am myself all the time, so I work on all fronts: privately and publicly, inside and outside, past and present. I explore all my dualities.

I birthed my new self. Like a mother carrying her child for months and delivering it safely to the world. I did that for myself. My way of being was so new, I felt vulnerable of being myself in all situations. It was difficult to be in a society that I feel didn’t support me in being me. I felt judged and misunderstood for being myself. But it didn’t stop me. My belief is strong and I kept on training everyday. This strengthened me big time.

Now I know my daily discipline is supporting my strength to keep being me.

Today I am healed. I have no hidden fears and traumas. I cleaned myself with self love and care. It worked amazingly. I am who I am and no one can make me doubt that. I feel my emotions and I am able to express them. I adapt to every situation and deal with any events in peace. If tension comes my way, I don’t take it in and bounce it back. Instead I transform it into a compassionate way of being. I give to the people around me what I give to myself. I am embodying compassion and joy. I trust myself.

Doubts came into my mind many times, and each time I addressed them with my self love.

I accept my thoughts and work on transforming them into supportive actions.

I haven’t thought about this warrior concept for a while and my path took me to Mikael. Mikael shows himself as a spiritual warrior and brings his belief to the world by sharing and teaching his training with others.

I was inspired by our meeting and since I left his magic home, the spirit of warriors is with me. This story is my clarity.

Here is a YouTube video of our meeting.

What I want to say is you are not alone. We are many, training everyday for a different way of living. We know it’s a challenge in a society where self love is misunderstood, where spirituality is laughed at. We all have our history, we have all lived unpleasant experiences. We are all part of life. If you want to live in a loving and accepting world, do it for you first. Take the time everyday to strengthen yourself mentally and physically. Make the decision to transform yourself to be able to change what’s around you. We are many, co-creating a new way of living. It’s happening everywhere, cities and countrysides, on all continents, in all layers of society.

We are rising as we lead by example.

Don’t be scared to be yourself. Don’t be scared to express your love and care. If you believe in life, go around sharing your passion with everyone crossing your path.

Be loud in your actions. Choose love and joy at every step.

Remember it’s a process and you have all your life to evolve. No pressure.

If you are looking for support, ask for guidance and be open to receive it, because life has its surprising ways and we never know how our wishes are manifesting in our reality.

Open your mind. Open your heart.

Mikael is leading his project in Portugal. You can organise to stay at Shambala and learn a new way of living with his guidance. Click here.

I am also here to support and guide you. I am traveling around the world so we may cross paths. You can also contact me everywhere you are if you need a light sister, a guide, a teacher.

Connecting with each other and supporting each other is how we are building the new paradigm.

If you have a similar vision, feel free to contact me as well. I will be happy to connect with all the spiritual warriors 🙏

I love you,


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