How to stop unhealthy habits?

A habit is a way of doing. This way of doing is created by our way of functioning. So changing your habits is a way to reprogram your mind and transform yourself.

You want to change a habit?

Here is my way:

When you want to stop a habit, observe the habit you want to stop in its whole.

Before you’re doing it, observe what is the trigger. While you’re doing it, observe what you’re doing and the aftermath and how you’re feeling from this habit.

Observe the process of the habit. Do it again and again and again to come to a clearer vision of its mechanism. To unlock a treasure chest, there is a magic key. By observing your own mechanism of habit, you’re becoming conscious about it. This new consciousness of yourself is a power to guide you to release the non-wanted habit.

So your observation gives you knowledge on yourself. We want to change this habit but this habit has been here for some time and it’s settled in you. You integrated it in your way of being. Taking it out is destabilising for the whole system. When you’re changing habits, it’s like a reset of yourself. It’s important to care for yourself and support yourself during the process. The trick is that you are going to transform step by step and each moment discovering the new. Because when the habit is not, you have a new space to be and do you. And how you are going to feel, you don’t know now so you can’t know how you’ll be able to support yourself. But you’ll learn as you go.

When we want to stop a habit, we’re asking for a renewal in our life. It’s often part of a healing process, taking action to get hold of our life. And it’s great because the process is teaching you how to master yourself. It’s a life lesson. Every step we learn new.

If you want to stop a habit you support yourself by creating a counterbalance support. This is not a fixated support, it’s following your progress and allowing you to expand.

You are creating your support.

Counterbalance a habit with another habit.

You don’t want this habit in your life. Why that? Find the one reason. A simple and affirmative story to support your growth. We call it an intention. (See link below)

What is your intention?

This becomes your magic spell. Everyday you’re spelling your intention. This intention is your guidance to support yourself. From this intention you create your support at the moment you need it. (A story of intention)

I follow the direction of my intention.

At the beginning you set yourself a few possibilities of new actions then with time you’ll experience your new you. You’re not seeking something, you are enjoying doing what you’re doing now. Experience the process.

Here is some of my supportive habits:

  • I deep breathe three times.
  • I write what’s happening.
  • I squiggle.
  • I massage myself.
  • I stretch my neck.
  • I talk about it.

Here is a guidance to create your supportive discipline.

Being active in the change is what sets you free.

If you’re using a quick fix to stop a habit, well it will simply be a quick fix.

Changing a habit is a revolution of yourself so lead yourself to better ways. Here is how to change a habit?

Be creative.

Enjoy now.

I love you,


I am here to support you in your change. Contact me for a Healing.

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