How to unlock your truth ?

Express yourself from a place of trust.

When I believe in myself, what I say about myself transpires my confidence. And it has the magic effect to reassure people around me. You create your own support and people magically start supporting you the way you need them to. When your words are coming from a place of love for yourself, you show people your confidence in who you are and what you do. Of course we have doubts and questioning rising some time and they allow us to take a moment to observe ourselves and go from that.

How to create the space to express our truth?

Your confusion leads you to your clarity.

The trick is to let it happen and to allow these energies sometimes overwhelming to flow through. So what is inside, let it out. The words in your mind want to be expressed. They want out.

For this to happen there is a simple trick: take the habit to write it down.

Write it for yourself only. No one is asking you to share your inside all the time. No one is pressuring you to expose your vulnerability out in public. The words in your mind are a translation of the emotions at play at the moment. As the emotion passes, these words need to pass too. So write.

Take a moment everyday to write a few pages.

Learn how to support your discipline.

Also when you are in these boiling up moments when thoughts and doubts are swirling inside your mind, it is time to make space for the new to flow in.

Observe the infinity symbol, “8”, an endless cycle always in and out, here and there. We are living in a permanent transformation. From one state to another, one thought to another, it’s always happening.

Allow yourself the space to flow.

Unblock what’s looping endlessly inside by taking it out.

Break free from now if now feels oppressing. And to break free, it is doing the opposite. It’s about reaching a new vision of the moment.

So when thoughts are overloading me, I take action to unload them. I write.

Expressing your truth is a process of accepting yourself.

Writing is you trusting yourself. Because you are expressing your inside, it is an act of self-support.

I trust who I am and I express myself the way I am.

Write without questioning if it’s right or wrong. Observe how it feels and accept it.

No doubt on what you’re thinking. Only the confidence of what you’re feeling.

You want something new, you want to make a new step in your life.

Start writing today.

One day three page.

And now every morning when you wake up, you know your new rule: one day three pages.

And everyday you turn a new page.

Experience expressing yourself everyday.

Create the space for the new to flow in.

Be confident with your words. However they come out on paper, they are what they are and accept it.

That it, that’s only now. And now it’s out. No judgment.

Express freely on paper.

Then, what you do with your pages, that’s up to you. Keep or burn. Eat them or plant them. The intention is to express. What you do with the object of your creation is up to you.

To have the notebook to make a bonfire, first you need to write these pages.

Trust who you are.

And remember, you are loved and supported.

Just do it.

I love you,


Picture taken in Plakias, Crete, Greece. May 2019.

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