Allowing my regeneration

Laying in bed, sleeping and resting, I am observing my clarity. It is rare when my body shuts down like it did the last few days. My energy went all in to cleanse deeply all that needed to come out. And I let it happened.

When our self needs a cleanse, it calls out for us to take the timespace to do it. If we listen to our inner message that it is time to stop all activity and rest, we are allowing ourself a deep regeneration.

I am not ill or sick. I have been refusing these words to describe my condition for a while now and I congratulate myself for that. The way I see is how I can serve myself the best in all situations.

I am clarifying. I am regenerating.

Release has its ways and be assured that there is a moment when you are being asked to let go of all the outside activities to go inward.

All in for myself.

Your energy is directed inwards and outwards all the time. Actually it is often going more outwards than inwards. Our thoughts, our movements, our intentions, all of it count in the balance.

When our body calls out for care, it is showing us it is time to slow down to balance. It is asking us for a moment of stillness to regenerate.

We have an incredible regenerative power. Nonetheless, we seem to be stuck in a destructive cycle. Stuck out of choice because nothing is stuck and it takes efforts to keep destroying without allowing us the space to rebirth. Our body is exhausted but goes on, this is amazing. What happens if we don’t listen is a health crisis: an accident, a pain, a disease, an illness. And this goes on unless we allow our deep transformation.

I choose me.

Once you allow yourself the space to be, all the efforts it took you to keep the pressure on is lifting up. A releasing time is a depressurisation. It is simply a change of pressure that allows us to re-harmonize. We can’t predict its timing nor how it is going to manifest. The only thing we can do is let go.


This is not easy because all we kept pressured is coming out and is facing us with its intensity. Intensity that translates in many stories in our heads. The trick is to not attach to any story. Because to surrender, your whole has to let go.

Let it flow.

You don’t know about tomorrow and it’s ok because you can’t know.

Set your mind into “self-care now” mode.

Regeneration is a process of transformation. Visualize a caterpillar going into its chrysalide to then birth as a butterfly. When you feel you are going through this depression time, create your own cocoon. Make yourself comfortable to die and rebirth.

Don’t think about the timing, let yourself be. Do things that support your whole health. Accept not being social. You are social with yourself, that’s perfect for now.

I have been through a few deep transformation timespaces and each time I rebirth as a new version of myself. It is always surprising me so I let it be.

Here is an article about health responsibility.

Life is an experience, care for now.

I love you,


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