Feeling at home in your body and feeling at home in your physical home. One is a reflection of the other. The word household is clear: how you hold your home interior = how you hold yourself.

Let’s chat about it 🙂

Home is cooooool!

Your home is your creation. Your home is an expression of yourself. This is you projecting yourself materially.

Home is where I feel comfortable being naked. I am me and I do me. It is where I express my true self, where I experience myself raw.

My home is my sanctuary.

I like it full of spirits. I like chatting with everyone and receiving everyone: humans, faeries, gods and goddesses, magical beings, animals, insects and unicorns. I am not alone.

You are never alone.

We are all connected and all here together.

Yes from a physical point of view, my body is the only human body at home now. From a spiritual point of view, you are not alone. You are always with yourself. Also, your thoughts are with people. Your thoughts are connected to others. And you are not asked to choose if you want to be alone or not because you are both at the same time. Magic!

I’ve been going through phases of tension with my home. Our relationship is evolving and some moments I forget who we are together.

Me and home have a great relationship. It feels easy to be together. We keep each other safe. We care for each other. We experienced suffering, growth, separation, joy, despair, laughter and love. My home is my place of expansion.

Your home is your safe place. That’s where you are with yourself.

Observing our household gives us great insights on our relationship with ourselves.

How do I hold myself?

How do I care for myself?

Observe your interior: Is my home clean? Is my home clear (organized)? Is my kitchen filled with nourishing foods? Is my interior comfortable?

I am not asking you to compare with what you think someone else would say. I am asking you to compare to your own standards.

Our comfort is unique. One likes a couch and one other likes a mat on the floor.

How do you enjoy yourself in your own home?

We are our own temple and our physical home reflects our inner home.

So observe and make the changes needed

Clean your space,

De-clutter your drawers and cupboards,

Organise what you see is messy.

Decorate for your own pleasure.

You are here everyday, that’s where you wake up and fall asleep. So make it yours.

Little things can make big differences.

Create a space where you feel held.

The word says it: house-hold 😉

Enjoy your space 😁

More inspiration:

I love you and support you on your journey 💖🙏

Pic: Me on my stage/shrine/office/studying area. This was my home in Cambodia.

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