Here & Now: Rebirthing

Dear you,

Wow it’s been a ride…😂

This week-end, I was chilling at home reflecting on my last few weeks. I feel I’m rebirthing. Actually I’ve been feeling the birthing of my new self for a while but I felt more wandering in the deep waters of my emotions than light and clear. Yes because when we observe the new we see freshness. You know we want to step into something exhilarating. Obviously a new adventure brings new people, new ideas, new places, etc. It is a path of discovery. Exciting!

Inspired on perfect timing, this message is timeless.

Remember the new emerges from what’s known or in other words destruction and creation happen at the same time.

Have you ever observed a building site?

To rebuild myself I need to know where I stand first. What I’ve got and what I’ve done.

I feel I’ve been diving deep in my own ocean, trying to find my way with what I knew. While knowing I didn’t know the new… Yes, intense 😂

Thank you to our base, our friends, our envirronement to remind us where and when we are.

How are you feeling?

Can you feel the new rising in and around you?

Are you feeling tired by all this change?

When the new knocks on our door, we have to make space to welcome it inside. Maybe you took the time to let go, maybe you haven’t yet.

Letting go means what it means: to let go 😉

When I let go of what I’m holding in my hand, I open my hand and the thing drops, rolls, falls, etc. It makes its own way out and down. Remember about our law of gravity. Or we can also see it as an application of the law of attraction: My body and the material stuff is attracted to the center of earth, naturally.

Effortlessly we can let go of our body’s pressure. The resistance we feel is created by our minds. Spirits like elevation and expansion. In our cultures, resting is not seen as being productive and we tend to resist our release.

I know when I’m relaxed I am “more” myself. My body is more dynamic and my mind more productive. When I’m chilled, I’m more creative.

To allow that to happen to yourself, you have to trust that the resting time is a cleansing time and it’s beneficial. It makes space for the new to shine in and out. Let it happen without misjudging you: I’m lazy, I’m useless, I’m not doing anything…Drop the guilt and the pressure of doing, it’s not serving you.

By the way, I want to clarify one thing: letting go is not “doing nothing”. Letting go is doing letting go. Accept it. It is asking us to make peace with our minds and focus on releasing all pressure we are feeling.

I allow myself to fully rest, mind and body together.

For your mind to calm down, there are many techniques known and created every day. Actually you are the only one able to relax yourself by accepting the “down time”. I understand down as gravity doing its work but it seems that many thinks it’s a negative state of self. A vision to change. As we chatted, you feel “down” because when your body drops the pressure, your mind does too and paf all the negativity in us comes up to the surface and here we are dwelling in the depth of our misjudging and mistrusting thoughts. It can be heavy to experience.

That’s when you trick yourself. You engage your mind in simple ways to only do you.

I love magic self tricks and here are a few I’m doing for myself:

  • As I observed there are so many words looping in my mind (because I stopped distracting myself with outward actions), I decide to take them out: I write. I choose everyday to write a few pages with the only intention to take out what’s in my mind.
  • I attend to my dayly life with care: I do things with patience. I stop being in a hurry or “out of time”.
  • I sit quietly gazing at the sky or eyes closed witnessing my breath. (It’s also called meditation, the vocabulary is yours to choose 😉)
  • I set my phone on airplane mode.
  • I practice creative arts.

That’s for a few of them. Find your own calming ways. Remember: you can’t know if it’s beneficial or not if you haven’t tried it. Do it then you’ll see. Your own experience is your truth. And experience happens with time 😋

I create my life experience.

We are all living this wonderful transformative time in our life. So why not sharing your tricks with others too?

Let’s support each other, always.

Also, remember to tell yourself you love yourself 🙏

More inspiration:

I love you too,

Océanie 😎

Picture: Crossing peacefully, taken in Buttes-Chaumont,Paris, France.

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