Here & Now – Seen & Unseen

This message has been inspired at a specific time but its message is timeless.

Being passionate about stories of our humanities, sometimes I watch documentaries.

The other day I explored a Greek history, and detailed my knowledge of the oracle of Delphi.

They said, the Pythia was expressing her prophecies seven days after the new moon.

Inspired by the perfect timing, I share with you today, stories inspired by our moon.

It’s been a week since we began this new cycle of the moon. Do you remember when the moon met the sun for a passionate cuddle? I’m using the word passionate because we were in Aries, a fire sign. and fire tells me: “Action of passion”.

Yes we are feeling the winds of novelty whispering in our ears. “Oh I’m gonna do this and that” and the excitation is rising. The seasons are changing and spring or autumn, we can observe the plants and animals in their transition. And as we know we are part of nature too, we become conscious of our transformation. Well, we are always evolving aren’t we?

So today is the seventh day after the new moon. It is called the first quarter of the moon because at night we can see only a quarter of the moon shining. From our point of view, it’s a half moon, we see half of what we can also see full. Half leads me to chat about balance.

So let’s talk about this equilibrium happening. We are balancing in between winter and summer. In between outside and inside. In between being with myself and being with others. In between what I’m expressing and what I’m integrating. In between an infinity of opposites. This in between is my center. My center reflecting my polarities.

In another vocabulary, I balance in between the past and the future. A shadow of the past is being released and a manifestation of the future is already happening. The old is letting space for the new. It’s a constant flow of yesterdays and tomorrows allowing the present to be.

I am in balance when I am here and now.

I am also noticing a focus on the realization of our projects. It’s a time of growth. What we’re going for and how we’re going to accomplish it. Reflecting on our next doings is motivating but sometimes we forget to be here and now…

When I open my eyes on one aspect and close them on the need to counterbalance, I create an unbalance.

It’s so cool to project ourselves in what’s next and thinking about our projects. But remember where you are now and to look at what you have now as well. Because our projects are already happening. And for them to happen harmoniously you need to be in alignment.

Remember we want compassion and harmony, we want love and union, we want happiness and joy.


So I accept to counterbalance my outgoing activities with in-going activities. I mean the resting time 😉 Because when I sit and gaze, I am active. It’s just a different action.

Remember the moon is always here no matter how she is shown or not.

The moon is teaching us that whatever is reflected to the outside, my whole is always present.

The moon is inspiring us to harmonize the seen and the unseen. What I decide to express now is an instant spark of creation and reflects only a facet of who I am. I reveal myself in a continuum of actions. And as I evolve, my actions are continuously new.

It is a game of roles:

What I see from the other is what the other reveals at this moment. And what I see from the other is to be accepted as it is.

Replace the other by myself now.

What I see of myself is what I reveal to myself. And what I see of myself is to be accepted as it is.

I accept myself now.

Whatever I am doing or think I am not doing, I accept myself.

I keep cool because I know I can invent myself at every now. I keep cool because I know I have the freedom to change my actions.

Let’s chat about our resting time, because often we pressure ourselves to get up and out instead of letting go to the moment. Or we may pressure to rest while we are not. We may pressure to look out when we could look in. Etc. It’s about our alignment.

Balance is created by the fluctuations of states of being. We create harmony by allowing the expression of our oppositions.

All of it aligned, meaning in acceptance of what is.

Let’s observe life as a motion and accept our transformations.

For myself, it means to stop judging harshly and compare and instead to observe my progress. And if I feel there is stagnation, I observe from a new point of view and I notice my process/progress.

It’s not because the land is covered in snow and nature sounds silent that there is no growth.

Seen or unseen, growth happens.

So if I feel like sitting and gazing now or even napping, maybe my moves are “unseen” but in reality I am actively creating. All depends on the perspective. What we decide to see and not see. What we decide to accept and not accept.

So why pressure if everything happens anyway? Why not letting life happens and enjoy the process? Why not trusting our inner guidance?

I trust myself.

I trust my unique rhythm.

I know I create my harmony by accepting my polarities. Same for our relationships, we create harmonious connections by accepting the other’s unique rhythm.

And I know what is seen is not the whole. There is always new to be seen.

So who I am now is also who I am yesterday and who I am tomorrow. Same for you.

I am a multiple of one.


Yes we are all crazy. All integrating our polarities in our one self. But this one self is in a permanent evolution so at one instant I am this one transforming into this other one.

Oh!Ah! So easy to get lost…

So easy to let our mind go in what we want, what we did, how we were, how we want to be, what to do now and what do to later, what the other is doing or not, how the other might think, etc.

This is becoming confusing…

A confusion we create for ourselves.

That’s why we are looking for balance. Because balance is harmony and harmony is not confusion. Funny, I said “looking for balance”, just this expression leads to confusion. Why not accepting balance is now?

The moonshine is what it is every night. Do we question the moon? No, we don’t. We accept how she is.

I accept myself as who I am, a being in evolution. I am a being of polarities. my facets are what make myself. I also accept what I’m doing now because I am doing how I feel.

So let’s stop focusing on every tiny little possibility of this infinity of polarities and re-center here and now.

Because whatever the sky is showing us now, it is the way it is. And whatever I decide to do now or to show you now, it is what it is and it is only a reflection of my whole self creation.

I accept myself.

And paf! We create the magic! 😉

I breathe in, I breathe out.

I love myself.

More inspiration:

I love you too,

Océanie 💖

Picture: Infinite growth, taken in France.

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