Here & Now – New Moon in Aries

Dear creators,

Happy new moon! First, I propose to observe the mechanism of the last moon cycle in relation with the sun. Then, let’s be inspired and chat about it 😁.

In the zodiacal wheel, Pisces is the last sign and Aries the first. (There are 12 signs/houses/parts of the wheel).

March 6/7th we had a new moon in Pisces (new moon is when the moon meets the sun therefore moon and sun are in the same house).

Remember where you were.

Two weeks later we had a full moon with sun in Aries and moon in Libra (full moon is when the moon is opposite the sun), it was March 21st, it was equinoxe time which is also when the sun moves into Aries and starts a new cycle on the zodiacal wheel.

Remember where you were.

Now, April 4/5th, two weeks later, we have a new moon in Aries. And before the moon moves into Aries and meets the sun, she was in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiacal wheel. (The moon moves through a house/sign in 2 1/4 days).

Observe where you are.


I find it amazing how our transition is perfectly lead by our sky. We experience and observe its expression in the cycles of nature. We are now living the beginning of spring (I am in the north hemisphere so that’s the point of view I am sharing now with you), a renewal cycle. In winter, nature goes to sleep. It is slowing down. It’s a resting and recharging time to be ready to come out at spring.

The new happens when we have the energy to make it happen.

How can we step into something new in harmony if we’re exhausted?

The new needs space to happen. And this space is made by us releasing what we don’t want to bring forward. We can observe the plant dying to rebirth from its essentials.

We’ve been chatting about this during the last weeks (see previous Here&Now forecasts)

Birth is a creation of death.

Death is a word that can trigger intense reactions as death can be feared or taboo in our cultures. So let’s take a wider view on death. Let’s observe death as the end of a cycle. Death as the possibility of renewal. I simply want us to observe the process of transformation.

Transformation is a motion and happens at its own rythm. Our own personal transformation is lead by nature’s cycles (remember you are nature too 😉). Which means when we feel we are pushing things to happen, it simply means they are not suppose to happen now.

I let go of the pressure.

As the seed grows into a plant, we are growing into who we are and we are renewing by allowing our flowers to seed again. Let’s go closer and observe that, for the flower to seed again it needs extra help. Thank you bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and all supporters.

Creation is a collective work.

We have the power to create what we want by connecting with each other. It’s about our partnerships. From another perspective, the new society is birthing from our cooperations.

The last full moon brought us this energy of finding the balance in our relationships. What we want or not. Who is good for us and who is not. We have to make these decisions for ourselves. Who is supporting my growth and who is not? Who do I want to be with and who I don’t want to?

We are seeing more clearly that for our projects to happen we need to share about them and create them with partners. We need to support each other to grow.

I accept to receive support from another.

This new moon is a new boost of creative energy to support the birth of our new projects.

Don’t expect all of it to complete right now. The projects are being seeded and require watering from all the partners to grow strong and healthy.

New moon is about seeding so seed with partners. Talk about your new ideas with friends. Plan to meet the people you want to create with to allow the seeding of new mutual projects.

Connect & cooperate.

And trust the natural process of life to make it all happen on perfect timing.

We are co-creators of our life.

Remember to allow yourself the space to project yourself in your new life cycle. Take timespace to sit and write your intentions for the new.

And plan a few meetings 😉

I love you 💖


Picture: Discovering a new land – Taken in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

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